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Baby Reveal Gone Wrong: ‘Every Time It’s Girl, Girl, Girl!’

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(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Sometimes surprises are reason to celebrate, other times they end sadly in tears.

A family had their three kids gather around to reveal the gender of their sibling-to-be by having them cut into a cake.

Gunner, who has two sisters, wanted a baby brother.

When he cuts into the cake and sees pink, he has an epic meltdown.

In the video he can be heard saying, “I hate girls. Every time it’s girls, girls, girls, girls.”

Watch the video above to see the entire scene play out.


  • Helena

    I think he over reacted because he was being filmed. That’s typical of kids, he’ll love her when she gets here.

  • Kimberly Pozza

    This child’s tantrum wasTOTALLY perpetuated by his father. This loving ‘dad’ just kept egging him on to a full blown meltdown so no wonder he was getting more upset. Those parents should be very embarassed and ashamed at themselves. Wow.

  • Tina

    I feel for the kid. He is pretty young, and he probably had his hopes up; he just wants a brother! I was 5 when my only sibling was born. I told my mom to take him back to the hospital, they gave them the wrong baby! Young children have less control over their emotions, due to that section of the brain not being fully developed. I never turned into a serial killer, in spite of my trying to pick my brother up, so I could toss him back to the stork! (I was luckily very small and weak, and never unsupervised with him for the first few weeks, after he was a month old I was his biggest protector).
    This little boy will look back at this, and hopefully not hate his idiot parents…

  • Mark

    I found it hilarious but then again I’m a normal person. You idiot people babbling on about how sick and wrong this video is, your child will be the one growing up a loose cannon. Can’t handle the video? Don’t watch it you pussys

    • Mommy of 5 awesome Kids and 1 Angel in heaven

      right!! the worlds so sensitive these days, its people like the ones bashing the dad that end up with kids in school that get called a name one time and dont know how to handle it because their parents have no sense of reality or humor!!! it was a funny video of a little kid over reacting, my youngest does it all the time she has melt downs about everything and usually its extremely ridiculous stuff so rather then beat my kid or hug them and comfort her for acting like a brat i laugh at her for being ridiculous! dear god im probably breaking down her self esteem…. put your vaginas away people this is the real world your children are not delicate little care bears

  • K Thompson

    I think the father was stupid for agreeing with the kid about wanting another boy too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Just keep filming, get your jollies and then post him on the net. Wow. He was very sad and angry. Even though we all know he was over reacting you could have done something to keep him from getting his little self all worked up like that. It was cute at first, but then I just felt bad for him and how confused his sisters were. Not cute.

  • Liberty

    Awww, poor boy! He’s so disappointed! He’s in a house full of girls & had his hopes up for another boy to even the playing field & have a brother to do boy things with! This is a normal, healthy response for a child who is experiencing a major disappointment. Disappointment is a part of life so it is good for him to learn how to experience it early on, while his parents are there to guide him through it.

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