What Would You Do? Teen Spends Bank’s Whopping Mistake

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ATHENS, Georgia– A bank’s mistake turns into a major spending spree for an 18-year-old.

Athens Banner-Herald reports that a First Citizens Bank in Madison County, Georgia accidentally deposited $31,000 into the teen’s bank account; there are reportedly several people with the same name who have accounts at the bank.

When the person, whose bank account the money should have gone into called the bank, tellers started looking into the matter.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the teen had already taken out $20,000 in cash and spent $5,000 using his ATM card.

Authorities told the teen he needs to return the money; the teen said he thought the money came from an inheritance from his grandmother’s estate.

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  • Eyeofstorm

    This little @sshole should not only be held accountable for every dime he stole, but also spend some time in jail for theft. Inheritance my @ss. This is whats wrong with society. Blame the bank for his actions. Unless of course he did stand to inherit $31,000.00 and it was supposed to be deposited around this time. I’m not holding my breath on the inheritance.

  • David P. Losh

    File charges? For what? What did this teen do wrong (on a legal or immoral basis)? He took what he claims was rightfully his, and spent it. If in fact there is an inheritance that is coming his way, then he will have no trouble paying back this money when he gets it, without any repercussions what-so-ever. If there is no inheritance, the bank should eat the loss along with the teller who made the mistake.

  • cameron

    So let me get this straight, bank messes up and deposits 31k into his account and he is in trouble for it? TThat’s their mistake. He doesn’t have to give it back if it was a couple hundred they would let it go and the teller would be fired. But because its 31k he can get prosecuted?Lol ol

  • mandy

    I used to work for a bank and i feel it it the banks fault.si what if there is a person with the same name theyshould kow to varify the address and social security card when doing a transaction especially one that big. it was the banks fault 100 percent the kid shouldnt of spent the money but the bank is in the wrong.

  • Mary

    There was a $20 deposit in my bank that wasn’t mine, I not only called the 1-800 number at 9pm when I realized it, but went to the bank and talked to someone in person to give the rightful person their money back. Regardless if he was getting some sort of inheritance, he probably should have viewed his bank statement before splurging on money that was not his. Banks should be partly accountable, but everyone else should also remember, they are only HUMAN just like the rest of us…we all make mistakes. Especially when typing all day, it’s easy to put in a wrong key stroke.

  • Bill Thacker

    you dont just spend that amount of money and withdrawal that amount of money out of the bank unless you are intending on spending it all before the mistake is caught, if i checked me balance and seen this amount i would be sure where it was deposited from before i would be taking any from it. Unless I was trying to be un honest.

  • S. Butler

    I would’ve been too scared to spend it without knowing that it was definitely mine first. Until I had reassurance, it would sit their. Money doesn’t just pop into your account for no reason.

  • Matt

    Ya know what I bet also everyone on here would take that money. I know I would, if I saw my bank account had $310000 in it I would paying all my bills off and have a new car befor the day was over. And if the bank was like give it back I would tell thm to shove it bc it’s my money now suckers….

  • rj ladd

    I bet if anyone else had gotten that money they would have spent it also… maybe not all but you know a-well you woulda splurged a bit…

    • Hot Slots

      I once received a large 6 figure sum into my account. I knew it wasn’t mine, so I let it sit there. Couple weeks later I had a message of an accidental deposit and they pulled it back. It was an interest bearing account and at the end of the month, there was an extra $400 in interest deposited. They never took that back. But this was the same bank that sometimes gave me extra $20 from ATM withdrawls, or sometimes never recorded a withdrawl. Very sloppy.

  • Fman

    Most comments show whats wrong with America today. didn’t any of you ever make a mistake? Losers will always be losers

  • Interest

    My former bank once deposited $250k into my account. I noticed when I did a atm withdrawl and thought the printer was messing up. I checked it out. Three weeks later the $2509k was removed by the bank. The interest however was still credited to my account next month.

  • Jason

    Wow… I thought more people knew how this worked. Of course the teen is in trouble. It was obvious that the money was a mistake and you cannot legally spend it. Money has never been deposited into my account without me knowing. Im not sure it can even happen. He should have asked the bank where it came from. Although claiming ingnorance gets people out of trouble way too many times, it doesn’t work here. I’m honestly shocked at how many people are saying they would have spent it if it happened to them. For everyone saying they would have spent it too, you would be paying it back too.

  • Chris

    Number one. He should have called the bank when a large cash amount was deposited. I think the inheritance was a BS story I took advantage of the system of the bank. needless to say, he will be held responsible for returning the moneyor face prosecution.

  • Wrong

    I think the bank should take A LOT more responsibility it was completely their fault. Whatever the teen spent BEFORE they realized of the mistake, he shouldn’t have to pay back. But whatever he has spent after he already knew it was an accident deposit into his account then I think you should have to pay that back. This is just my opinion because it is and all of his fault. The bank needs to also pay for their mistake. Not make the teen pay when none of it was his fault.

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