‘Self’ Sorry for Comments About Cancer Survivor’s Tutu

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The editor in chief of Self Magazine is apologizing after what she called an “error” in comments about a tutu worn during a race by a cancer survivor.

According to USA Today, Monika Allen dressed as Wonder Woman, wearing a tutu during last year’s LA Marathon — it was her first marathon running with brain cancer.

She was in the middle of chemotherapy and said the outfit motivated her, according to USA Today. She also makes tutus for her company Glam Runners, which gives all proceeds to charity.

Self contacted Allen asking for permission to use a photo of her in the tutu.

Allen was next to a friend in the photo, who was also wearing a tutu along with a race bib saying “die tumor die.” Allen gave permission, not realizing they would use it for the magazine’s “BS meter.”

The magazine said: “people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster. Now, if you told us they made people run away from you faster, maybe we would believe it.”

Several people have spoken out on Facebook, saying they’ve canceled their subscriptions to the magazine after the photo was published, according to USA Today.

Self editor Lucy Danziger said she did not know Allen had cancer, and tweeted an apology saying “We applaud you for supporting the girls and wish Monika speedy recovery.”

See below for Danziger’s tweets about the incident:

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  • Marie

    My opinion of ‘Self’ has really been tarnished. No apology will help. Monika- you are in my prayers. Yes, I am a cancer survivor!

  • Destany Beeman

    even had it not been for a cancer survivor, or even any good reason to wear the tutu, shame on them for putting down others for such a petty reason. Everyone is beautiful, except the people who think others are not, because theyre soul is filled with hate and jealousy. Public opinion matters increasingly less and less anymore, because of the spitefulness of corrupted people.

  • Angela Petry Huwig

    I will never buy an issue of Self again. I guess it’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and judge others. That is exactly what is wrong with our society these days. My mom lived 5 years fighting with Breast Cancer and it was heartbreaking to see the way that people sometimes judged her or stared at her. Like it wasn’t bad enough that she was sick but she had to endure people acting like idiots too. Shame on you Lucy Danziger….Shame on you!!!!!!

  • Edie Dickinson

    I agree with Destany Beeman…. cancer or not, why is it OK to make fun of anyone? If wearing a tutu makes you feel better about yourself, who is anyone else to judge? Every person is beautiful and special in their own way.

  • Vickie

    I’ve been to several “runs” and a lot of runners not just women or cancer patients (btw, way to go!!!) but men, kids, and teens also have been seen in TuTu’s also. It’s fun! It adds a little color and life to the “party”. Not a thing wrong with it.
    I will never buy or read another one of those magazines.
    I feel bad for people who put others down for having fun!
    Jealousy is ugly. Shame on you!

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