‘Outrageous and Cruel’ Note Left on Couple’s Luggage

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Courtesy: KTRK via CNN

HOUSTON, Texas– An insensitive note is left on a couple’s luggage and now they’re looking for a sincere apology.


Courtesy: KTRK via CNN

KTRK said Angela Huckaby and James Moehle, who are both deaf, had just returned from a wonderful trip, but their luggage was lost on the way home.

When it arrived in Houston, they said a receipt was attached and written on it was, ‘Deaf and Dumb.’

The couple wants an apology from American Airlines and they also want action taken against the person who wrote the note.

The airline sent this response to KTRK: “We apologize to Mr. Moehle and Ms. Huckaby. It was clearly a very poor choice of words. We’re confident there was no ill will, but we’ll be looking into this further.”

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  • britney

    No that was rude. When I hear someone is deaf they are just that….deaf people are not dumb jus bcuz they cant hear. The note could have simply said this coupleis deaf plz text this number. Since when does dumb apply to the deaf.

  • Just me

    In this context dumb is not referring to intellectual ability, but rather inability to speak due to being deaf. Antiquated terminology, absolutely, malicious in nature probably not.

    Look it up, there are multiple meanings to many words in the English language. Not everyone’s intent is malicious.

  • DiannaJo

    Actually the correct term would have been “Hearing impaired~Please text any correspondence” The American Airlines employee was ignorant.

  • Georgia Williams

    I am 55 and remember that term being used to describe the hearing impaired. It’s not politically correct today,but I don’t think the airline worker was trying to be malicious…..just a little out of touch smh

  • James W. Slover

    We are deaf or hard of hearing, We are not dumb or stupid. Writing that for a deaf person to see it is like saying a race loaded name call to a hearing person. We have our pride. We do have an education. Sure we have our limit’s in life. Now for that Fox8 Moderator, Talk about insensitive, reporting on insensitive comments, Like that ( I ) word. Does bring it to the point. Deaf people are very full of pride. We are also very open with our comment’s. Interview a group of deaf people. We can tell you a bunch of things that hearing people have said or done to the deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Turfguy

    GOD, PEOPLE LIGHTEN UP. Deaf & dumb used together is an old term meaning deaf & unable to use regular speech, or silent. Just like in the Bible “like a sheep, dumb (silent) before its shearers, Jesus opened not His mouth.
    Quit being over sensitive, turning everything into a national outrage & get a life.

  • Nell Carol Williams Kozub

    This was a perfectly correct way to describe these people in terms used for hundreds of years. I am really getting tired of everyone getting “hurt ” feelings when the politically correct terms aren’t used today. It was not meant in an offensive way, but today’s society are a bunch of sue happy, complaining, idiots. Lets not use the Indian logo on the Cleveland Indians, Lets not call EMR or TMR “retarded”. EMR stands for Educable Mentally Retarded and TMR is Trainable Mentally Retarded. Both used on teachers certificates for many, many years Lets not use Colored for Blacks. (This name has changed several times for politically correct.) There may come a time when all will be politically correct, but I really doubt it. And, this is one of the really large problems with today’s society. Being called or labeled by an inappropriate name is not an earth shaking event. Grow up and stop looking for ways to feel abused. .

    • Cheryl

      You are so right. There’s NOTHING wrong with the term deaf and dumb. The only ignorance I see in the comments is the ignorance of people who don’t know the meaning of “dumb” in this context.

      I could understand the deaf people being a little annoyed if they are not, in fact, dumb, but getting all bent out of shape about it? No. People need to get over themselves.

  • some one who disagrees

    Deaf & Dumb being used back in the day was cruel back then and it still is cruel today and i was going to fly that airlines but NOT NOW ill change im glad i didnt get my tickets yet

  • Amanda Stone

    The article said they both were deaf….it did not say they were mute. Not all people that are deaf are mute as well. My grandmother has been totally deaf for over 27 years and still speaks.

  • TEC4

    I think the intent was to tell the person contacting them abou their luggage that texting would be easier than phoning because the couple was deaf-mute (or at least the person writing the note thought so). Why do we look for insults even when they’re not intended?

  • holly neokratis

    I wonder how many if you…The outraged over this…use the word retarded to explain something stupid? Do you know how much that words is insensitive to people with a mentally handicapped child? You say it, your children say it….hmmmm. I guess you are as ignorant as the airline worker. And no, he shouldn’t be fired. He is a bit out of touch…but did not mean anything cruel.

  • George Griffith

    I feel bad for them, that being said, buck up butter cup I am sure you have seen a lot worse over the years. Deaf and dumb has been a way to recognize folks with their disability forever. Quit looking for an easy handout and move forward this being so PC is going to be the ruin of this country. the Phrase has been in use, may not be the correct PC answers, but at 8 bucks an hour for baggage handlers, may not be the most proficient in the proper PC english. Just saying, Let it go and move forward.

  • justmysize

    Wow, some very insensitive comments towards this couple! I’m sure the jerk that wrote it was a young punk teenager. Todays kids/teens have NO respect. I feel sad for this nice couple. All you smashing them can fuck off… Did you hear that people??????

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