Couple Saves Man and Woman Seconds Before Car Explodes

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ELYRIA, Ohio-- The Lorain County Chapter of the Red Cross is recognizing the heroic actions of people in the community.

Among the group of honorees was Shane and Brittney Robinson. They rescued Jeff Burgos and Alyssa Hovinentz from a burning car last September.

car“I thought somebody was having a fire. I didn't know the car was on fire,” Shane recalls.

After a closer look, they realized the severity of the situation. Brittney rushed to call 911 while Shane tried to pull the pair from the flames.

“He ran up to the driver's side. It was locked, and then I saw Jeff's arm hanging out of the passenger side and he ran over there and ripped the door down,” said Brittney.

Shane managed to get them out and not even a few seconds later, the car exploded. Jeff and Alyssa were eventually life-flighted to the hospital. They were both seriously hurt.

“There are bits and pieces that I remember that I'd rather not, but all I can say is that I'm very thankful for Shane and Brittney,” said Jeff at the ceremony on Thursday.

Alyssa said she was thankful too, and couldn’t believe she actually knew who rescued her.

“Shane actually graduated with me. We went to high school together and that was just ironic that the man that saved our lives was the man I went to school with all our lives,” she said.

Shane and Brittney don’t think they’re heroes, but are happy to accept the award. They said they just did what they hope anyone would do in that kind of emergency.

“Life is too short to not help others and to not do the right thing,” Brittney said.


  • Eyeofstorm

    Cars only explode on the big screen, the tires blew out or the streering column ignited quickley due to the magnesium in it. Hats off to ya just the same Shane and Brittney.

  • Willard Snowe

    True that “eye”. Until the media understands that the activities of “Hollywood celebrities” isn’t news, we will continue to get the overly dramatic and completely distorted view of what would normally be a car crash with the fire that followed. Gladly, the parties involved survived.

  • Eagles06

    The story isn’t about the car exploding. The reason these people were nominated was for saving someone’s life. As for “Hollywood” those people are “made” to look like good people. If we continue to look at the unimportant aspects of stories like these our society will continue to improvise on things that are not important.

  • maria soto

    all I thing is need to say is thank god that there are great people that care out there and also that the people in the car are safe and still here with us today amen

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