Viral Again? Newly Engaged Couple Talks About the Future

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CLEVELAND -- At first, the surprise proposal was shared with an entire school and fire department.

Now it has been shared across the Internet with hundreds of thousands of people.

Greentown firefighter Justin Deierling and his fiance Megan Zahorec spoke with Fox 8 News Wednesday about an experience they described as "insane."

Last week, Justin and the Greentown Fire Department went to the school at which Megan works in Stark County for a routine fire drill.

But while they were there, Justin, 31, had other plans.

"He was trying to talk to me and I was borderline annoyed because I was trying to count the kids!" Megan, 27, said.

He was trying to direct her attention to a sign on the fire truck that said "Miss Z - Will You Marry Me?"

Video shot by Saturn Entertainment Studios caught the entire thing.

*CLICK HERE to watch the entire proposal*

After Megan said yes, firefighters passed out ring pops to all of the students.

The video was added to YouTube as a way to share the moment with family and friends, but strangers enjoyed it just as much.

Justin said if they ever "go viral" again, it will be for their wedding.

Megan wants something "simple and fun" while Justin noted all of the students are hoping the two will get married at the school gym!

No definite plans have been set, but the couple was in agreement about a honeymoon location.

They're thinking Denver, where they can enjoy outdoor activities together.

Justin and Megan wanted to pass along a message to the many people who helped make the proposal so special.

In their own words, they wrote:

"Thank you so much to:


Chief Harris and the rest of the Greentown Volunteer Fire Department family.


Jeff Breit, Stefani Capozzi and especially all the students at Greentown Intermediate School.


We loved the cards the kids made!


Justin's brother Adam Deierling for making that wonderful video.


Love,  Justin and Megan"

Watch the videos for more on what the future holds for the newly engaged couple!

Click here for more on their fiery romance.



  • Sean Burrke

    Ok they got engaged so what? I am sure there are more important topics we can cover at this point. It’s nice to see fake fire drills and the use of city equipment that tax payers pay for so some guy can propose to his girlfriend. Plus I am sure they were on the clock as getting paid for this ordeal. Let’s move on already

  • Crickett

    Congrats to the sweet couple!! Love following nice stories for a change, also good for school children to learn fire drills. Much happiness to you both!!!

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