Must-Have Hair? Men Ordered to Get Kim Jong-un Cut

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(Photo Credit: KCTV via CNN)

Men in North Korea have reportedly been ordered to have the same haircut as their leader, Kim Jong-un.

Mashable reports the new cut is called the “Dear Leader Kim Jong-un” and that the style became a state-mandated guideline just a couple weeks ago.

According to the Korea Times, there is a backlash over the order with a source saying, “Our leader’s haircut is very particular, if you will. It doesn’t always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes.”

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  • Walt Clayton

    And I used to think Donald Trump had a hair problem. Well, this twisted, porcine excuse for a human being goes way beyond hair issues. He is utterly insane, and a sadist to boot.

    • Fox8 Editor-in-Chief

      Please no fat shaming on these comment boards or we shall be forced to close the comments.

      • BossMan

        These comment sections are totally unmonitored and have become completely out of control. They have become a place where ignorant, predudiced people of questionable intelligence can simply rant and rave and sound off on every subject presented to them. Good, intelligent people used to be able to comment on the subjects given here, but no more. Now, it’s no more than a no man’s land where mindless idiots can showcase their talents. To those of you who have ruined this, every one knows who you are , and most importantly,YOU know who you are. I’m sure one of you will remark about me and what I have said, and justify to yourself what you do. I mean after all, isn’t that what you do? Isn’t that all you know how to do? Go back to school, get a job, get some counseling. Do something, but stay off of these pages unless you really have something to contribute. We’re all sick of you and the poison you spread. Have a nice day.

  • Fox8 Moderator

    I order everyone to get a bowl cut like the Amish & have a nice cup of cat soup for dinner! I also order everyone to grow a beard, including the women!!

  • Terri Freeman

    I’d be surprised if there was any actual backlash from the people. They are trained to worship this man, like a god. Those who do not comply will probably end up in work camps. Everyone pokes fun at him because he’s insane, but what those people go through there isn’t very funny.

  • not a tea bag

    Kim Jong Un is an awesome leader. If only we could be blessed with a Dictator like him then we could behead all those who try to cut my welfare checks and talk bad about my drug habit and all my illegitimate kids.

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