For Health Benefits, Walk While You Work!

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CLEVELAND -- Ten thousand is the magic number when it comes to your health.  Ten thousand steps, that is.

Dr. Mike Roizen, the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, explains 10,000 steps a day will do wonders for your health.

stefani schaefer using trekdesk and treadmillOne way to get there is to walk while you work!

He and the morning crew tried out the TrekDesk, an elevated workspace to be used while walking on a treadmill.  The treadmill we used during the segment was provided by FitnessServe.

There are plenty of other ways to boost your health at work.

Try a walking meeting, or even a standing meeting.  You'll find those meetings become more productive.

And wearing a pedometer does more than count your steps.

Roizen explains more in the videos above and below.

Scroll down to see meteorologist Scott Sabol deliver the forecast while in motion!

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