Brook Park Scales Back Home Days

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BROOK PARK, Ohio -- A Brook Park summertime family tradition will be a little different this July.

The family-friendly festival is getting rid of the carnival rides and booths at Home Days.

"We are having Home Days.  We are not having a carnival.  That's the only difference," said Brook Park Mayor Tom Coyne.

Coyne said he's scaling back on the Home Days festivities this year because of logistical and financial reasons.  He also said there is also not enough space in the city parking lot for the carnival plus he wants to limit outsiders out so Brook Park families have
enough room to enjoy their Home Days tradition.

"We will continue our fireworks, will not have a carnival, we will not have the vendors that are associated with the carnival.  We are going to try and do more of a city-wide tail gate party were folks come up here and get a parking space and enjoy the fireworks with their families,” Coyne said.

Brook Park residents Fox 8 spoke to at the local community center say they have mixed opinions on scaling back Home Days.

"Scaling back is absolutely the wrong thing to do.  I can't even believe they are thinking about it," said Ray Peterlin.

"I think it's kind of sad but it's reasonable. It's understandable, they just don't want outsiders from other cities coming in. I think and they want to keep it local and homey," said Nicole Costantino.

"I'm a great traditionalist.  I hate to see things change if it's gone along so well.  I think if there were issues, maybe there are that I don't know about to me, I thought it was a wonderful thing so leave it alone if it's working," Ray Hummel said.

The annual Home Days festival will start the Friday after Independence Day, which will run July 11-13.


  • .

    I wish Barberton would do the same thing with The Cherry Blossom Festival. We do not need the carnival and the low life that come along with it.

  • feetiesandtoes

    It had gotten WAY out of hand. Boggling up the streets and shopping center with this nonsense. Some of us have plenty to do during the summer and we don’t need these gatherings to feel like we belong to a community. Some of us would rather the entire thing went away.

  • ziggy

    I heard that the new/recycled mayor in a non-drinking health freak that is worried that drug use might result from the carnival atmosphere.

  • Deborah

    It is not just the home days, take a looksy at some of the church carnivals as an example. Look what they are attracting there. The home days seems to be getting smaller for some reason.And if I choose to do something with a few of the neighbors-so be it.

  • Eyeofstorm

    You mean when I attend this year it won’t feel like I am in an East Cleveland ghetto? Where I work. Good move Mayor.

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