Parma School Alerts Parents of Hit List

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Courtesy: MGN Online

PARMA, Ohio– A recording was sent out Tuesday to parents with children at Hillside Middle School in Parma.

The school said it was brought to the attention of district officials that a student at the school had created an alleged hit list.

Personal calls were made to any family directly affected.

On the recording, the school said, “The individual was immediately questioned and appropriate disciplinary procedures are being conducted in accordance with board policy.” The school said they are taking this very seriously and are doing all they can to ensure the safety of students.

Parents are being asked to speak with their children about appropriate behaviors in school.


  • Chris

    I’m sure the kid was just writing down all those who he wanted to have attend his birthday party or something.

  • kervin melendez

    Crazy I went to hillside and I hoped I could send my kids there one day but first parma high where I also went now hillside. I really wish for a change in schools.

  • sdenise

    i also attended parma school system 7 hills ele….hillside jr high..Normandy…ill tell you what i had 1 child complete school using parma schools with very few issues.hes now 23 ..i have my second one in and hes a jr at Normandy couldn’t attend his home school of parma high because of the violence i cannot believe how things have changed we have nothing but a bunch of little thugs running schools no respect for anyone i cant wait to get the hell out of the system done!

  • cowboyacetre

    Ever notice the more psychology rules the way we raise our children, the worse things get? We should go back to the old fashioned way. It worked better, and resulted in better people.

  • adam

    Lets bring back corporal punishment so that the kids will respect the teachers again. I have 2 kids ages 11 & 12 and support school staff being authority figures again. Apply the board of education to the seat of k nowledge as needed

  • teresa smith

    I would like to know why the PCSD is not telling more about what is being done about the student with the hit list. Is the student being removed from school or are they going to still be allowed to roam the halls while parents sit at home waiting to see if this is going to turn into another Chardon or Colombine? I was one of quite a few parents who didnt even get the leader alert. Score yet another one for the PCSD.

  • TwoUnderTwo

    I cannot believe these comments. My mouth is literally hanging open. For someone to not take a threat like this seriously is INSANE. Even if it wasn’t a “real” threat, we live in a world where it is not safe, cool, funny, or acceptable in any way to make threats on the lives of others. For those saying Parma is “safe” and insinuating the only dangers are in the big city – no one remembers Mary Jo Pesho? The Chardon shooting? Sandy Hook? Dangerous things can and do happen even in “safe” communities. It’s sad and it’s unfortunate that we have to assume every threat is real – but it’s also the cold, hard truth. People need to parent their children and teach them to behave and speak appropriately. Turning a blind eye and leaving other people to raise our children is how we have gotten into this mess to begin with. I vote to bring Mom and Dad back into their parental roles rather than try to act as a friend and have them do their job. It’s not fair that my children aren’t safe because you are too lazy to teach your own offspring right from wrong.

  • Matt

    I am a student at Hillside Middle School and this student was expelled from the school, the police were there and he is now in juvy.

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