Heartless: Man Can’t Leave Home After Jeep Stolen

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CLEVELAND-- A Cleveland family is looking for their Jeep which was taken right in front of their home on West 104th Street on Saturday morning.

The Jeep was more than just a means of transportation; it's the way of life for a veteran.

John Halfacre has been through a lot. "Very difficult story," said his wife, Lisa.

Halfacre, now 51, served in the United States Coast Guard in the mid 80s. He's suffered through several back injuries, including undergoing spinal surgery on Feb. 6.

"February 10th, the VA had installed the lift on the back of our vehicle, gave him a scooter because he can't walk long distances," Lisa said.

The vehicle is a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country in mint condition.

"It's dark green, solid dark green, has a luggage rack on the top and the lift on the back," said Lisa.

The Halfacres got the Jeep in August and in February Lisa had a lift put on the back of it for her husband. On Saturday morning, when she woke up, the Jeep and the lift were gone.

"A neighbor of mine said they seen it pull away, go south on 104th and turn left,” said Lisa. “There was a vehicle behind it. He thought I was in a hurry, that there was an emergency and I was on my way somewhere."

"Doors were locked, I always make sure my doors are locked," she said.

The lift is valued at over $2,000. Without it, John is homebound.

"This is his only means to get around,” said Lisa. “I mean he cannot walk more than 500 feet before his legs give out and he falls to the ground."

Now Lisa hopes whoever took the Jeep will simply return it.

"I want my car back so I can get my husband back and forth to doctor’s appointments just so he can enjoy things again. He can't go anywhere without his scooter and without that vehicle, I don't have the lift to take the scooter anywhere," she said.


  • Tina Hayne

    Bring the jeep back so my friend can get where he needs to go, no questions asked, just put it back where you took it from, this is a tragedy for this family, please have a heart!

  • Marie

    Please return their jeep, I know what it’s like to have a bad back.
    Thank you for your service John!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Halfacre

    My father has done so much for many people, and asked for nothing EVER in return! All I will say on this subject is that WE WILL CONTINUE ON! WE WILL MOVE ON FROM THIS! WE WILL LEARN FROM THIS! WE WILL MAKE IT PAST THIS! It will be hard, but we have made it this far and are journey is far from over. It will not be easy but at the end of the road we can say we made it no mater what people threw at us. It has been a VERY long and painful path so far with lots of up’s and down’s, but we keep fighting no matter what. Your negative comments hurt, but trust me they will never break us, nothing you can ever do or say will ever break us. For the people who are trying their hardest to support us and spread the word, I truly appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart, especially people we have never met before. Thank You very much! Have a wonderful night!

    • Judy

      Josh I wish nothing but the best for you Dad and your family, just hang in there good people will make this right for your Dad!!! :-)

  • Joshua Halfacre

    I also would like to thank you Mr. P.J Ziegler, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this for our family, it really means so much. Thank You sir!

    • Ron G

      We are up to $270.00 now and asking for everyone to at least post to their Facebook wall. But if you have a spare buck, please donate.

  • Diana

    Thank you for your service John. You should be so proud of your son as well!! I feel so sad for the person that took your vehicle…must be really down on their luck to have to steal something such as your only mode of transportation!! Only problem with calling out such a person like that on here is that they probably cant read and wont even look at his post!!! I so wish I could help you all out!!! My heart goes out to you and your family John!!! There should be no arguing here…just help the man find his car!!! He served our county and nobody should EVER take that away from him. Just help him!! Bless your family Halfacre’s!!

  • Stephanie halfacre

    Since I have known my father in law He has done thing but help people. He gave a kidney to someone who needed one. Even little stuff. He had many surgerys on his back. Years of doctor appointments and surgerys. Health scares. He can’t walk but a couple feet before falling. People don’t realize how hard that is on family. Family never wants to see family like that. He can’t play with his grand kids. He is only 51 years old and can’t enjoy having fun times with family. With the kids in his family. People think oh he was just a coast guard. Well that is still serving and that was time away from his family to help other people. People are so cold hearted now a days. We aren’t asking for any hand outs. We were simply asking people to keep an eye out for his jeep. That is the only way for him to get to the doctors he needs to see. And not to mention he had a resent fall at Texas road house because the floor was soaked and there was no wet floor signs. That fall left him worse and he has to start all the treatments all over again. So what we are asking is if someone crosses the jeep and lift or knows anything about it to report it. Is that really so hard.
    Thank you

  • Susan Jancsek-Moczulski

    Because of the “Clunker” car buy back, older cars are in higher demand. The sum of the parts are worth more than the whole. We are sorry this happened. These are the same type scum that breaks into homes, churches and businesses to steel a little bit of copper.

  • Bill

    “Joy Stick”, you are a ruthless person to make such a comment. No matter what Mr. Halfacre did, he is now in need of help. He has many health issues and needs his vehicle back! It’s people like you that make “people hate others”. What branch were you in you big DICK WADD???? I am a Marine FYI

  • Alex Niculae

    Who ever did this will pay. I hope for it. They will pay for this. I can’t believe this has happened. The halfacres family is like family to me and to hear this happening makes me sick. Johns a good man. Always doing stuff for people and never asks for anything in return. This man deserves respect is all. God bless you john josh Lisa and Stephanie.

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