CMSD Considers Step Toward Year-Round School

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CLEVELAND — A school year that starts earlier could be a step toward year-round classes for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

The Board of Education was expected to meet Tuesday to discuss an Aug. 13 start date, which would be the earliest on record.

Most CMSD schools started classes on Aug. 19 this academic year.

The proposed shift would mean the first semester would end with winter break, and summer break would begin just before Memorial Day.  Students would still attend for 180 days.

A decision must be made before May 1.

If the earlier start date is adopted, it could lay the groundwork for year-round school, a concept encouraged by The Cleveland Plan which aimed at reforming schools.

MC2STEM High School students already follow a year-round schedule that is made up of 10 weeks of classes followed by three-week breaks.

The hearing will be part of a board meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Mound-STEM PreK-8 School, located at 5935 Ackley Rd.


  • Vanessa

    Now that’s jut crazy! Us parents love the summer break with our kids too! I think those who would vote yes to this just want their kids outta their hair year round…SAD!!!

  • BOC

    When only 9% of 8th graders are proficient in math, it may be time to look at what the heck they are doing in Cleveland classrooms

  • momof3

    If you look at what some other schools around the U.S. are doing, I think that it’s a great idea to have year round school. I love summer break, but going to school all year means many smaller breaks throughout the year. As a parent, it’s hard to get your kids back into the swing of things once they are out of school for long periods of time. In the long run it would probably be beneficial to both students and teachers.

    • Jennie

      It is already difficult to get the kids back in the swing of things after long breaks so lets add more long breaks to the mix?! I’m sorry but where is the sense in that? So then our kids have to keep adjusting which is more time and education lost.

  • Kelley

    In japan, kids go to school from April until March of the following year. They have short summer vacation, about a month, but New Years and winter break are longer because they are major holidays there. And japanese kids are super smart. So why not start school like they do? It’ll help cleveland schools a lot.

  • Terri Freeman

    The US is not a leader in education. We should take a lesson from those that have systems proven to work. Finland, would be a great example. Year round school is a good idea if we also implement some of the other tactics and standards that they are using.

  • LoganA

    I am a 9th grade student and I would like to go to school year round because it would help students retain information lost over the long summer vacation and it would supply food for those who get free lunches who go hunger during the summer

  • cierra

    I believe a yr round school system would damage kids. they need a summer break to be able to enjoy time with family,and to run around and play with friends

  • Aggie

    Year round schools are good. The shorter breaks are better for the kids because they don’t forget as much & don’t have to be re-taught the stuff they forgot over the summer. It’s great for over crowding because it can be scheduled so that 1/3 of students are on break, so class sizes can be smaller. Las Vegas was doing this back in 1990

  • Linda Lehman

    My granddaughter -Haylee 12- lives in Vegas and went year round. Going on vacations was next to impossible. The state switched to the 9 month term. She has been to Ohio to see Gramz ( me) and rest of relatives twice. We’ve had a family reunion at Gramz with all 15 parents and kids. They all stayed here with me and I loved it- the kitchen never closed! This is the year because my Oldest son gets vacation every 2 years from position in South Korea.. THIS IS THE YEAR!

  • gerald

    If you think the problems with getting bullied now is bad in school what do you thinks going to happen if they get stuck there yr round? Kids need change during the summer break

  • mary

    no way… I would hate that for my child.. I agree with the person that say’s home school.. and my children are grown.. I wouldn’t it want it for my grandchildren.. summers are for swimming , camping, and just being a kids… NOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Susan Shick

    Not sure how I feel as a teacher. What does the data show? Many school do not have AC and or no windows to open. Many students come late on a daily basis. What about middle and high school students who play sports, and need to have a job? I may be a good idea, but has it thought out. How about SBB, was it thought out?

  • doggercise

    most kids no longer work on the farm. it is harder to travel in winter. maybe they should replace summer vacation with winter vacation.

  • doggercise

    The Success Tech high school is near my office. The students pass by after school. From the way they talk and chase each other into the path of cars, I am under the impression that Success Tech is some kind of remedial school. Cleveland schools seem to be places where teenagers gather to practice acting stupid.

  • Michael

    The fact that we don’t already do this is why America is failing in education when compared to nations who have year-round schooling. Parents who don’t want this, in the comments on here at least, sound lazy to me. Get up and get your kid to school, like life is that hard, give me a break.


    It does not appear that their would not be any time to still be with your kids and have time to go on vacation. Kinda like college. You can go to college year round, but still have time off. Get the kids in school year round! I think the shorter breaks would be great and I do think they would retain information better. They have been talking about this for awhile, so let’s not get too bent out of shape. What will be, will be.

  • ziggy

    How can we try to impress on our kids that learning is a lifelong process? But then we shut their brains down for three months in the summer. It’s not the nineteenth century when the kids were needed to work on the farm. We work all year long, why shouldn’t we educate all year long also. I suspect the most resistance will come from the teachers union.

  • cyndy

    As a teacher, I would support year round school. So much is lost over a long break. The problem, especially in Cleveland, is that the majority of the schools do not have air conditioning. Trying to teach 30 to 40 students in a small room on a 90 degree day (inside temperature over 100 degrees) is not only difficult but dangerous. Provide a healthy, safe learning environment and I believe you will find that a majority of teachers support year round school.

    • Lori Tony

      As a teacher you would suppot this? You will have no break because these 3 week breaks will mean your school will be a daycare site and

      you will need to be used as a facilitatore

  • Joe Code stud

    Yes, keep these kids engaged and teach them serious discipline. We have the words teenagers in the world in this town. Some boot camp teaching needs to be established.

  • Kevin

    No I don’t think that this is a good idea because kids need there freedom from all the work they went need to hang around there family and more!!! So no

  • stacie

    I have to say, I have a hard enough time from Aug. 19 till about June 1st. And you want start earlier. My daughters school ( she is a 4th grader) is the last to get out for summer, and the first to go back. Don’t get me wrong…I understand Logans point…about retaining information, but that’s were we as parents need to take some responsibility, during vacations we still need to take some time to make learning a little fun. I love our summer vacations. There is something to be said about still being a kid.

  • Lori Tony

    No amount of education will help the kids until there is parental discipline, and parents stop usurping their God given responsibilities on to the schools, all for the sake of a free meal. My Parents had a high school education and were smarter than most college graduates these days, yet had nothing in comparison to todays rug rats. Let the kids have their summer breaks, and Cleveland you have done a shitty job in educating the youth since bussing began, why do you think you will do it better now?

  • Stephanie

    I would LOVE school to be year round for all our CMSD students. I have a daughter that is a junior at MC2, The year round schedule is not as difficult as people might think.

  • Pokuaa

    We do not live in an agrarian society anymore. Many of the kids in Cleveland lack structure or activity in the summers. Let’s do away with 19th century practices and move into the 21st Century and give these kids a fighting chance. Change is hard, but necessary

  • Taught35

    As a retired Cleveland Teacher, yes, I think it is a good idea. Students need structure and discipline and they will be more focused in a year-round school setting – take a look at the statistics! I wish the district would have made the decision when I was still teaching because I think my students would have remained more on target! Cleveland needs to quit making excuses and start REALLY taking the future of our young people seriously!

  • Ariana

    I don’t think that the motivation for kids doing their homework is too high right now, so why make things worse by putting them in an ALL year round school, their grades will only drop more.

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