Cars Set on Fire: Family Says They Are Being Targeted After Verdict

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ELYRIA, Ohio--A family who lives in Elyria and Lorain said they are being targeted after five of their cars were set on fire in the past two weeks.

"Monday about 3:30 a.m., my dog started barking and when I went to the window, I saw my truck on fire," said Michael McCall, who lives on Bond Street in Elyria.

McCall's surveillance cameras outside his home captured his black truck engulfed in flames.

"This is fifth time in the past two weeks a member of my family has been targeted. It happened to my brother. They burned his truck and his rental property. It happened to my other brother's car and my mother's car," added McCall.

The McCalls believe the car fires are in retaliation to one thing.

"We've never done anything to anyone. But my brother's son was murdered. They had a trial and the man who did it was found guilty recently. And now all of a sudden our family cars started getting burned," said McCall.

Since this has happened, the entire family has set up surveillance cameras outside their homes.

"I figured, if they are burning my vehicle, what's next? Will they burn my house? Will they come after me?" said McCall.

The Elyria Police Department is investigating the possible cases of arson, along with the Lorain Police Department.

"At this time, we are waiting back results from the fire department. They sent out materials from the truck to see if there was an accelerant that was used. The truck was already well engulfed by the time our officers got there," said Capt. Chris Constantino, with the Elyria Police Department.

Meantime, McCall is adding another security camera to his house.

"I guess they just trying to intimidate us. But we will not be intimidated. We aren't going anywhere. I think it's the work of a coward. You are burning up material things. If you have a problem, come see us," said McCall.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact either the Elyria or Lorain Police Department.


  • george johnston

    Rather than waiting for Fire Dept. to do forensics on the vehicle, get a CCP and defend your own car. When the Fire Department comes they bring 12 trucks from five different departments. Quit being a victim.

      • george johnston

        Prison? Premeditated arson is a recipe for deadly force. People do occasionally die in fires. Maybe you would consider someone throwing a Molotov cocktail at your house a threat sufficient for deadly force? Not to worry. Twelve fire trucks from five different departments replete with 8 police vehicles to direct traffic, BCI agents, coroner and State Attorneys General will be there to poke through your remains. All too late to save you. Yeah, just call 911.

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