Behind the Viral Proposal: Couple Shares Fiery Romance

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GREENTOWN, Ohio--A northeast Ohio firefighter executes a five-alarm marriage proposal.

Greentown firefighter, Justin Deierling, 31, surprised his girlfriend, Megan Zahorec, 27, in front of the staff and students at Greentown Intermediate School, where Megan is a counselor.

March 19 began as a rainy, dreary day for Megan, especially after learning there would be a fire drill.

Megan said she doesn’t like the drills because as a relatively new staff member, she is still learning the system. Plus, the somewhat shy, yet conscientious counselor, isn’t fond of standing “in front of everyone.”

But this day’s drill was really an elaborate smoke screen for her boyfriend Justin’s marriage proposal.

“I was nervous,” said Justin, “Pacing back and forth.”

Justin had pre-arranged the setup with the permission and help from the school administrators and his fellow Greentown firefighters.

*CLICK HERE to watch the entire proposal*

Assistant Chief Jeremy Guenther said many firefighters came in on their off-duty time to be part of the proposal, but the usually brave Justin was still ready to buckle.

“He was incredibly nervous. I mean like hands shaking nervous,” said Guenther.

Justin said he checked his pocket three times to make sure he remembered the beautifully set brilliant cut ring.

“It’s all a blur,” said Justin. “I don’t even remember.”

Students cheered wildly as Justin approached Megan and a sign was revealed on the side of a fire truck asking her to marry him.

firefighterBut before Justin could fully drop to his knee, Megan excitedly blurted out her answer.

Megan recalled, “It’s funny because as soon as I realized what the sign said; it was instant yes!”

Justin chose the school because that’s where they first met during a school walk-a-thon six months ago.

He said he was volunteering for the fire department by passing out water to students when he saw Megan walking on the track.

“She just caught my eye,” said Justin.

Love at first sight for both of them said Megan, “From the first time we went out, he understood who I really was.”

That’s exactly why Justin got the entire school involved and even passed out 600 candy ring sucker pops for the children and staff. Megan, known as Miss Z. to the kids, said they were so excited!

Justin’s brother, Adam Deierling, put together the wonderful engagement video for them.

Megan said she’s had a change of heart concerning fire drills. They will forever hold a special place in her heart.

Congratulations to Justin and Megan, who are still figuring out a wedding date.

*Be sure to watch the happy couple on FOX 8 News in the Morning on Wednesday*

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  • Exar

    Is he paying back the taxpayers for the use of public rescue equipment, employees, and fuel?????
    What if there had been a real emergency during this BS??

    • Grace Kelly

      Thank you for asking. He was on vacation and that was an actual planned fire drill. The police and Fire Chief were present. The fun was that Justin went along on his day off to surprise his bride-to-be. Are you a lonely and miserable soul? Prayers to you.

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