Backstreet’s Back – With Spice?

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(Courtesy: Wikipedia via MGN Online)

Sing this next line:  Backstreet’s back – with Spice! (Dun dun nah nah nah nah, dun dun nah nah.)

Can you imagine that reunion?

According to The Sun, Backstreet’s Brian Littrell said the groups may possibly team up for a world tour.  They’re supposedly “in talks” at this point.

However, the deal isn’t as spicy as it could be.

Victoria Beckham would reportedly not participate.

But Sporty, Baby, Scary and Ginger combined with Brian, Kevin, A.J., Howie and Nick would be one heck of a lineup.

Click here for more from The Sun.


  • Angelina Howell

    First BSB and NKOTB, and then BSB tried to get N SYNC to tour with them, and now Spice Girls… I understand reminiscing about the days.. and don’t get me wrong; what we had with you was great! But we’re grown ups now, BSB, and as much as we love you, it’s time to say goodbye. Walk away and move on.

  • Jordan

    Im 17 and when i was really little BSB was one group that i knew and knew every one of their songs by heart. I never got to go to a concert. Spice girls is the same so the fact that i could have the oppurtunity to see them in concert is awesome and i never want them to stop making music. Thats like telling justin timberlake to quit. He was in nsync and hes still topping the charts. If you dont like the idea then dont go and dont listen to them. Its as simple as that. Kay thanks bye (:

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