School Zooms into Record Books Using Hot Wheels

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio--A group of Shaker Heights fifth grade students attempted to break the Guinness world record for the largest Hot Wheels loop the loop on Monday.

Hot Wheels cars were dropped from high above the gym at Woodbury Elementary to see if they could go around on a giant homemade loop.

"The old record was is 9 feet 3 inches and we built the track. So if we set the record, it will be 9 feet 9 inches,” said Richard Price, a parent in Shaker Heights.

It took a few attempts, but the fifth time was a charm. There was even an accountant there to document the record-breaking Hot Wheels stunt.

"It's officially over. From what I understand, it's a new world's record for the hot wheel loop," said Mark Prusinski, accountant.

The fifth-graders and their parents constructed the giant loop.

"You'll be able to tell your children, your grandkids and everybody pretty much you meet I was there to witness a world record," said Russell Markey, a 5th grade student.

The record attempt is part of a school wide fundraiser which involved physical challenges plus the giant loop the loop to raise money for school programs.

If the students and teachers were able to raise more than $10,000, Woodbury Principal Randall Yates said he would shave off his mustache; a mustache he had for more than 25 years.

"The kids raised $12,185 to help out the school with all types of products and technology and things like that. It was a little weird. They clipped it first; then he brought out the real razor which was very sharp and it was interesting," said Principal Randall Yates.

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