Gwar Lead Singer Found Dead in His Home

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Courtesy: GWAR via CNN

Courtesy: GWAR via CNN

Courtesy: GWAR via CNN

(CNN) — Gwar lead singer Dave Brockie died Sunday, his manager said Monday. Brockie was 50.

“His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his home in Richmond, Virginia,” Gwar manager Jack Flanagan said in a statement on the group’s website.

An autopsy will be done to determine why he died, Flanagan said.

His heavy metal band formed in 1984, billing itself as “Earth’s only openly extra-terrestrial rock band.” Brockie performed as Gwar’s frontman under the persona of “Oderus Urungus.” The band was based on a mythology of an “elite group of chaos warriors” who “ravaged the galaxy” until they were “banished to the most insignificant planet in the universe … the seething mudball known as Earth.”

“My main focus right now is to look after my band mates and his family,” Flanagan said. “More information regarding his death shall be released as the details are confirmed.”