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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California legislators may reverse a new law banning bare hand contact with food at restaurants and bars.

Since January, workers have been required to use gloves or utensils to handle ready-to-eat food, including the rice in a sushi roll and the mint in a mojito.

California chefs and bartenders say adding more gloves to kitchens is unnecessary, wasteful and even unhygienic. They worry workers may forget to change gloves or lose hand-washing habits.

But regulators say hand-washing isn’t enough to stop outbreaks of foodborne illness. Forty one other states already have the no bare hand law.

Democratic Assemblyman Richard Pan of Sacramento says he wants to repeal and revisit the law to make it more flexible for clean restaurants. Inspectors aren’t enforcing the law until July.

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  • Alexis

    Your food segments are the biggest offenders of no plastic gloves when preparing foods. If your guest food preparers don’t wear gloves on live TV, I can’t imagine what they do behind closed doors. We would not patronize any of their establishments.

  • Chanda

    I’ve been in the good industry for half my life… These gloves will not help anything! Those with gloves wash hands less and they are not changing them after every touch. You would wait hours for your food if they did, and then you would complain about that. We all have been eating and drinking in establishments for years with out these gloves and we are all still here healthy and alive! Ridiculous law!!!!!

  • lula chambers

    at work we wash and sanitize are before we glove up to make sandwiches then gloves are throwen away. and if we leave the sandwich ststion we do all over agian.

  • Dorothy tabellion

    Who there owns a Subway shop? As a vegetarian, I ask them to change gloves before making my sandwich after touching meat, they get angry.

  • David P. Losh

    If we live in a totally germ free environment, then when we do encounter a germ, our bodies will not be able to cope. Also, if chefs/bartenders use all these gloves that get infected with germs, where do they go when they take them off? Into a pile of germy gloves near the food.

  • T.J

    State of Ohio you have to have gloves on when you handle any ready to eat food or utensils If you leave your work station or change jobs you must wash your hands an put on new gloves. This not a waste of time it is doing the right thing to keep your guest safe.

  • Emi Griffith

    I grew up in a family run Bakery in the back woods of Tennessee, we never wore gloves when prepairing the foods we baked or when decorating. We washed our hands… a lot. Any time we touched anything that wasn’t sanitized or food or passed a sink, we washed our hands. And I believe that is how it should be. When I moved to Ohio the first job I got was in Fast food at a place that wore gloves all the time. You could touch almost anything (EX: hat, shirt, arms, face, move hair out of your face) and only if you were caught or asked to would you be asked to wash your hands and change gloves. Some stores have a “Hand wash Timer” that goes off every hour or half hour, but it often goes ignored, especially in high traffic times like lunch or dinner rushes. In fact the only reason the Chipotle resturants in the Kent/Stow area washed their hands every half hour was because there had been a MAJOR illness among those who had gone through the lines, and that was WHILE people had been wearing gloves. In some cases the gloves make sense, if you’re using your hands on moist or sticky food that is already cooked or doesn’t need to be, or don’t use a utensil, otherwise, you don’t really Need them especially if you practice good hand washing techniques.

  • washing my hands

    at the dentist office they touch their computer screen or adjust the light then put those fingers right back in your mouth. Just because they are wearing gloves doesn’t mean its any cleaner. Just wash your hands.

  • Deborah

    In most bathrooms there is a sign that state’s that employees are required to wash hands before returning to work. Now whether that is done is another thing. I have worked in the food industry for 20+ years and the habits in most resturants, fast food or other wise need to comply with these laws I don’t want to get sick because they won’t wash they’re hands!! Ewwwwww!!!

  • Joe Code stud

    I ate at chipotle four times and four times I got food poisoning. They have very strict glove wearing policy.

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