Students React to Teen’s Instagram Threat Against School

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio -- A Lorain County teenager is in serious trouble after reportedly threatening to shoot up a local high school.

While some say the former student was misunderstood, police found the threat too serious to ignore.

It was all quiet at North Ridgeville High School Saturday, a day after concern over a posting on the social media site Instagram.

According to North Ridgeville Police, Nicholas Hinton, 19, a former student, wrote that he was contemplating shooting up the school.

Dylan Kuhn said he doesn’t believe his friend would do such a thing.

"He said contemplating and he was just being sarcastic. He would never have any actions like that. He's not a violent kid at all," he said.

Police said school officials alerted them to the posting and they wasted no time taking action. Police say Hinton was arrested at a friend's home Friday morning, before the start of school.

North Ridgeville High School student Heather Terry learned of the incident during the day.

"I mean it could happen at any school because it has been known to, but I don't think it would be from Nick,” she said.

Kuhn said Hinton got into trouble over a similar incident last year.

"It really does look bad on him but, it's all been misunderstood," he added.

Police said Hinton was taken into custody without incident and no weapons were found in his possession at the time of the arrest. While the motive is not clear, police do not believe Hinton was targeting any one person or persons at the school.

"He wouldn't target anyone. He's not a violent kid at all," Kuhn added.

Police said Hinton remains in Lorain County Jail. He has been charged with inducing panic and aggravated menacing.

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  • Dawn

    Isn’t that what is said about the kids after they bring a gun to school? You never know……making threats like that should be taken very seriously. These kids need to understand it is not funny to say after all the innocent deaths in other schools.

    • Chud Baby

      But also what is being taught when we over react to everything. I guess we teach them to live in constant fear, instead of being able to ascertain a situation and decide if it is safe or not.

      Nah, lets freak out like scared cats.

    • Chud Baby

      Was that a threat? Are you going to come hurt me? I have called the police to report you for threatening me and my life!

  • Chud Baby

    Hurry up everyone, get to your panic rooms!!! Hurry, someone said something about hurting someone somewhere! FFFFFFRRRRREEEEAAAAAAAKKKKKKK OUT!

  • Lori

    Chud: you sound like a drama queen. There are chat rooms you can go to for that. This threat has to be taken seriously.

  • Shawnleigh

    So CHUD you are saying that if a child in your family was killed in a school shooting, and there was proof that a student was making a “sarcastic” remark about shooting up the school and the police did nothing preventive to stop it because they didnt want to FREAK out, you wouldnt be pissed they stop it? If so, I feel very sorry for your family because you are a very cold hearted person.

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