Officials Investigate After Dead Dog Found Shot, with Broken Jaw

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MANSFIELD, Ohio — The Humane Society of Richland County is investigating after a Mastiff was found dead, shot and with a broken jaw.

According to the Humane Society, officials were contacted when the female dog was found Friday afternoon on Orweiler Road.

The dog was estimated to be almost one year old. She did not have tags or a microchip. She also was not spayed.

So far, there are no leads as to who the shooter was, according to the Humane Society.

Anyone with information on the dog or the incident is asked to contact the Humane Society of Richland County.


  • Joyce is my real name

    This makes me sick! Why is there so much animal abuse in the world!!!!! Poor animals! I hope animal abusers rot in hell! I have NO sympathy for them whatsoever. There is NO excuse for harming a defenseless animal! Ugh!!!! Shove concrete down the offenders throats and dump them in a lake!!!!

  • Mat

    There need to be tougher laws when adopting dogs/cats. Too many people adopt then neglect. I personally think there should be mandatory spay/neuter when obtaining a pet, unless you are a reputable breeder. That would help cut down on reproducing. The same should go for the less then desirable miserable humans that hurt these animals! Scumbag losers! FYI: most black people are animal abusers!!

  • D.

    If the dog was found in a rural area, is it possible that it was chasing livestock? It is entirely within a farmer’s right to kill a dog that is attempting to kill or catch livestock. Not saying this it what happened, but you all are so quick to jump to conclusions.

    Another possible scenario, the dog got hit by a car and someone put it out of it’s misery?

    I am just offering possible scenarios, not everything is always as it seems on the surface. It is sad when an animal dies, but don’t humanize everything.

  • Linda Hershey

    Any farmer who shoots a dog chasing livestock I would hope would also call the sheriff or humane agents to take the dog off his property to prove his actions.
    If it was a case of abuse this is just horrible, no one loves dogs more than me .

  • amber

    Any pictures? My aunt’s mastiff has been missing for a couple weeks! This is the second one who has been taken!

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