Local Controversial Animal Gas Chamber Destroyed

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MEDINA, Ohio -- A Medina County animal rights organization has destroyed a controversial gas chamber.

The SPCA took control of the chamber, which once belonged to the county animal shelter, and invited the public to watch its demolition Saturday.

People were able to use tools to beat on the device before it was loaded into a truck. Outrage began when the chamber was used to kill hundreds of cats that were not being accepted at the county kennel.

"It's still legal to gas dogs and cats in the gas chamber in Ohio, and it's really a method of euthanizing animals, which is inhumane," said Jim Dinon, of the humane society. "We're trying to get this ban on a statewide level, and every community that stops using the gas chamber is a step in the right direction."

The gas chamber was sold to the SPCA in January for just $1.


    • Mark Fredrick

      Keep a close eye on MEDINA county! $65,000. for commissioners? $94,000. for county engineer? THEY found their own treasure chests! Vote them out! Medina Police chief shot himself in the ass!? REALLY!public records!

  • george johnston

    Medina is populated by more fools and knee-jerk liberals than the entire state put together. Let’s let out all the stray animals so they can pick up rabies and bit someone. This gas chamber bashing really fixes things.

    • Batya Bauman

      Mr Johnston – I certainly hope that if you have any pets, you have had them spayed or neutered and thus preventing the main problem here – overpopulation and not enough homes. Anyone who does not spay or neuter is part of the problem and not the solution. Also important to adopt from shelters and not buy from pet shops or breeders. No matter how “ethical” a breeder may seem, they are a very big part of the problem. For every dog or cat they breed, a home is taken away from a shelter or stray animal. Think about it.

    • Blame it on Love

      I’m conservative and oppose the entire “pet” industry which has led to this deplorable trashing and destroying of worthwhile lives due to their being a “surplus commodity.” It’s the puppy breeders you should be attacking, literally, but I’ll bet you celebrate their “freedom” to confine and breed animals for profit. YOU are THE problem, regardless of politics.

  • Kaitlynn

    You are obviously a person that has no common sense and a biggot and a fool. This doesn’t mean that they no longer euthanize animals, unfortunately there just isn’t enough homes for all of the strays in this state, it just means that they I longer gas them as a form of killing. Which is inhumane and a completely disgusting practice. So your comment is completely irrelevant. Please educate yourself before making statements about something you obviously don’t understand.

  • D.

    Why is gassing them so bad? I would think it would be quick and painless. A lot better than a needle. And less traumatic for the person that has to do the euthanasia. Holding hundreds of animals as they die would be rough.

    • Blame it on Love

      @D. Why, you ask? Here:

      A better question is: Why do people like you think it’s okay to kill healthy “pet” animals because they’re “surplus” (betrayed by humans) while in effect you continue to condone profiting breeders of all kinds including puppy mills? It’s animal abusers who should pay the price, not the animals.

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