‘Forgetful’ Dad Leaves Baby in Car for 8 Hours

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SEATTLE, Wa. -- A father in Seattle left his infant daughter alone in the car for nearly eight hours, and can't explain why.

According to KOMO, the man dropped his other children off at daycare, then left the infant inside the locked car when he got home.

His wife realized what happened when she went to pick up her older children and the baby wasn't there. She called police, who unlocked the doors of the car so she could get the baby out.

The baby was safe and sound when she was taken out of the car, as the video above shows.

The whole incident could lead to possible charges.

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  • Glenda

    how does one forget a child in a car???? I have heard so many crazy stories but I have never in my life forgotten any of my children in the car. I have never lost my purse, never forgot a diaper bag on top of the car, or a coffee cup as I am sure you have read about more than once. And when i have lost a diaper bag it has been in the house. Never in my life have I forgot a child in the are or my truck……

    • Tamara Crable

      WOW u must totally be perfect.. or the worlds greatest mother.. you just said u NEVER have done what millions of people have done or continue to do each and everyday…. wow I totally wish I could be like u

      • Glenda

        Well I am sorry that everyone acts like I think I am perfect. But the fact is you wee all these cases or hear someone saying they drove off and left their coffee on the roof. NO I am not comparing the child to coffee. No I AM NOT PERFECT. If you knew some of the dumb shit I have done you would think I had no brain. But when it comes to the kids i was best at that. If I had to guess I never more than maybe 5 doctor appointments between 3 kids and that was while I held a full time job. I am in no way perfect but when it comes to forgetting a child in the car I can proudly say I never did that. Now when the youngest was 15, we had to buy another car and it was an ex-op car and it didn’t have the door handles on the inside and he went with my husband and I shopping and we both got out and was half way across the parking lot and realized we didn’t hear him answer us and that is when we realized we forgot to open his door. If you want to count that but never when they were younger. I am not blaming anyone either. My question is how can you forget a child in the car ??? And if you want to keep believing that I am perfect than I thank you very much.

    • Lisa

      It must be nice to be perfect and to have never forgotten a diaper bag or cup of coffee or anything else. I can say I’ve never left one of my children in the car but come on we’ve all walked out of the house at one time or another without our purse, diaper bag, phone or something like that. Nobody is perfect sweetheart and that includes you.

      • Katy

        And you guys must be idiotic to compare your own CHILD to a freaking diaper bag. I may not be the best mother in the world, but no, I sure as hell have NEVER forgotten where I put my own kids; this kills more babies a year than it should, why? because the dad was “distracted” are you joking?. Maybe if this world was less distracted with phones and other things he wouldn’t forget his living, breathing offspring. That is a stupid cop out.

  • sawblade60

    Who’s turn was it to watch the baby? How did the father forget that he had a baby to look after, after dropping the older children off at day care? Maybe this was the first time the mother had her husband watch the baby while she did other stuff. This is really sad, wonder if this was the first time he did this?

  • gail

    It’s strange that they describe the garage as being cold but when the mom pulls the baby out of the car the kid has a jacket on but no socks or shoes.

  • Judy


  • Tim

    Well maybe it had something to do with that new law they pasted in Washington im pretty sure thats it why else would the mother of the child had to call the police to get in the car.Idk get the keys from the husband or break a window.But what the hell do i know. Atleast the.baby was ok. Idiots

  • carletta

    makes no sense if the husband was at home where did the car keys go ? its bad enough he left an infant in the car for eight hours ..mysteriously the keys are gone also ? doesn’t add up to me sounds like it was done purposely.

  • kathie

    I agree — something is missing from this story. If he was home when he locked the baby in the car, why didn’t she just get the keys from him, or get him out of the house to open the car door…….??

    • Judy

      Makes one wonder if he wasn’t trying to off that little angel, by the sounds of ot they have too many kids to handle. Just the duh look on his face and no expression in his voice made me want to slap him.

      • Judy

        Well the mother is not the brightest bulb in the box either, What mother doesn’t call home on break to see how the baby is? Is she a mom or was she just the host body?

    • Judy

      If he would have been smoking weed he would have had a smirk on that no reaction face of his, and although the media said the mother was so upset she couldn’t speek I didn’t see that on her face either there is way more to this!!

  • heather

    The fathers an idiot and I’d divorce him….this story doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t she get the key from her husband who was home? Hmmmmmmm

  • heather

    Obviously Tamara’s left her baby in the car and forgot about them. …sorry but trillions of people can say they’ve NEVER forgotten their babies! And yes I’m judging !!!

  • Christine

    Maybe the father was suffering from something that took his mind elsewhere. We cannot judge what was going on in someone else’s life. You never know…leave it up to the proper authoriies to make that decision. It’s a shame that this happened for all involved, but especially for that little baby. Her guardian angel took care of her.

  • Missie Toth

    So glad she was safe and sound, scary how you hear so many cases of this lately. They really need to make some kind of alarm system in these vehicles.

  • Me

    How does everyone know he was at home. Looks like he was at work to me. The car is obviously in a parking garage unless they live in an apt building.

    Pray for this family and while you pray thank God for looking over that precious little baby.

  • Renee

    This just goes to show why moms birth children and men dont. How you forget a baby in the car for 8 hours is beyond me. Then the wife had to call the cops to open the door when hubby was right inside with the keys?? Something doesnt make sense here. Like there wasnt any clues in the house to remind him that the baby wasnt there? I have now officially heard it all. Sorry Im a mom and have never forgot my child in the car. No excuse for this negligence!!

  • Tom

    Not proud of it but when we were younger parents, my wife and I stopped at a store, got out of the car, and went inside. We returned to the car about 10 minutes later and realized that we had left our quietly sleeping daughter in her car seat. We looked at each other and wondered how we could have done such a thing. She was still asleep, and all turned out well. That was the last time anything like that happened. There is almost no more scary feeling, and it does make you question yourself.

    • Christine

      Tom…I congratulate you on your honesty. We actually left one of our children at a truck stop of all places. He was abou 9 years old at the time. We had been traveling with another family and we unfortunately thought he was with his brother. There were a total of 7 kids. We didn’t get too far before we noticed there weren’t enough heads in the other car. I can say that I was and still am a very good mother, but on that particular day, I must have had to much on my mind. If the people in here want to crucify me, then so be it. It was a mistake on our part, but was definitely unintentional, and I was very remorseful.

  • Stephanie

    Because of all these types of stories as a kid I always do a head count where ever I go to avoid this type of mistake from happening. I never leave the keys in the car when getting gas. And rain or shine I take em out to go to the store even if I can see em from inside because there is always a what if situation. I understand that as a new baby some parents get tired and have shock issues maybe the reason he has no answer is because he still is in shock but still this should have been avoided. Thank goodness the baby is okay and hopefully in the future this will never happen again. If they could come up with a car activation saying passenger still in car would be nice for the harried parent, but a lass parents should be more careful and smarter than that.

  • kathie

    Most of us have memory lapses, even when taking care of our children, but his memory was gone for eight hours! Did he go to work, then home? Still a strange story. He might need help, as some have suggested.

  • Joy motte

    How on earth can anyone forget a baby in the car? I never have understood this. If it were any colder the baby could have died or hot and the baby could have died. I hope they charge this dad. There’s no excuse

  • Big Frank

    Boy, this “Judy Juggs” sure seems popular. I wonder if she could post a selfie? Hmmmmmmm Judy???

  • Tamiya Jennings

    Such judgemental people. It looks to me that guy had a whole lot on his mind. Apparently they were both going to work if they were taking the kids to daycare. But hubby is in over his head. He probablycame in to a ready made family. Not a problem, it’s happening every day.The last 1 might be his, but it might not be, & that poor guy is tired before he even wakes up good. The story never said how many children they had in total. But that guy is too young to have as many as they have it seems like. For whatever reason she didnt just go in his job and get the keys from him, some jobs wont allow visitors, despite if you say its an emergency. Now you would think the police being there saying its an emergency just might give it away,hello? This really might be an emergency. Regardless, who are we to judge? The baby is fine, there’s more to the story, we dont know it, but who cares, she’s safe. She may have a bit of a diaper rash for a while, but she’s alive w a story to tell when she gets older.  

  • tom

    I remember our parents took me and my brother to gold circle. yes it was that long ago. they use to drop us off in the toy section and shop and come get us on the way out. one time it seemed like forever so me and my brother walked to the front of the store just in time to see our parents pusing the cart out the door. course screamed and ran after them. they were like ‘we forgot we brought you here’ so anything is possible people. i am sure when mom and dad got to the car or home they would have remembered but anything is possible.

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