Every Day A Birthday: Family Makes Bucket List for Sick Dog

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Phoenix, AZ (ABC15) — A Valley woman has set up a “bucket list” for her dog in an effort to make the most of her family’s remaining time with the five-and-a-half-year-old pit bull mix.

Jessica Alderman created a Facebook page after Wrigley was diagnosed with an inoperable form of cancer.

“We are not counting the days, but rather making the days count for our amazing boy Wrigley who has an inoperable canine cancer,” the Facebook page explains.

Wrigley was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma cancer in March, and after further tests, doctors found he had a tumor in the lining of his heart, on his spleen and on his liver.

“I was completely devastated,” Alderman said. “But [the doctor] gave us advice that inspired this project: to treat every day like his birthday.”

Now, Wrigley, Jessica and her fiance are taking steps to cross off as many list items as they can.

“We tried to think of different items that would both honor what he has meant to us and provide new experiences for him to truly enjoy life,” Alderman said.

The items listed on Wrigley’s bucket list are below:

1. Dinner at OHSO (done)
2. Attend my mom’s fundraising event (done)
3. Pass the CGC (done)
4. Buy a new bow tie (done)
5. Raise money for other rescue Pits
6. Throw an early ½ birthday party (in progress, save date 4/12)
7. Ride in a fire truck or police car
8. Deliver thank you card to veterinarian
9. Appear as a media star
10. Ride in a convertible (scheduled 4/24)
11. Have a professional family photo shoot (scheduled 3/30)
12. Have a dog themed movie night
13. Walk around the block every day
14. Have my portrait painted for my parents
15. Create a new slide show of my life story
16. Try a new “hoo-man” food
17. Eat a doggie ice cream sundae
18. Walk around the famous fountain in Fountain Hills, Ariz. (done)
19. Paw it forward in a Wrigley way
20. Go on a trip
21. Attend my grandmother’s wedding in California
22. Go to a dog beach

Alderman adopted Wrigley from the Arizona Humane Society when he was 2 years old.

She says she hopes that Wrigley’s story will help others look past stereotypes surrounding the pit bull breed, and inspire others to adopt.


  • Dog Lover

    Wrigley is one beautiful dog. Their lives are richer for the time he’s been a part of it & likewise for Wrigley

  • David

    I am so happy that you get the chance to live out some very awesome dreams that most dogs will never see or do. I hope to see you completing all of your bucket list. God bless you Wrigley.

  • Kristen

    How sweet yet sad is this story! If only more people loved animals as much as she does. That touches my heart! Animals deserve the world.

    • Judy

      Way too many people are so cruel to animals, they should be put through the same things they put these poor sweet creatures through and see how they like it..!!

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