Officer Thrown From Car After Struggle With Suspect

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EUCLID, Ohio — A man faces charges after grabbing a police detective and driving off with him partially in his car during an arrest Friday.

According to Euclid police, it happened about 1 p.m. in the 20900 block of Lakewood Boulevard.

The narcotics detective found an adult male sitting behind the wheel of a car in a parking lot. When the detective attempted to pull him out to arrest him, the suspect resisted, grabbing the detective and pulling him partially into the car before driving off, according to police.

The car went eastbound on Lakeland Boulevard while the detective and suspect struggled inside the vehicle. The detective was able to grab the steering wheel and steer the car off the road, where it hit a tree.

The detective was thrown from the car as it came to a stop.

"They're out there doing their job and it's a shame that he got hurt," an unidentified witness said.

The officer was taken to an area hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries, and the suspect was arrested at the scene.

"It happened so fast. I seen one car and then like 15 peace officers behind him," the witness said.

The incident is still under investigation.


  • willis454

    The man was sitting in a car in a parking-lot, last time I checked that wasn’t. Illegal. What a horrible cop the guy probably wasn’t doing anything wrong and got upset that he was being harassed for no good reason. There’s always two sides to a story. Maybe the cop got what he had coming. Cops go out looking for trouble than when they find it they want us to be sympathetic for them. Maybe charges should be pressed on the cop by the way the article was written it didn’t sound like the guy was doing anything wrong. In my opinion cops are not the brightest to begin with who would put there life on the line for the chump change they make. There just power hungry individuals that got picked on growing up,now there trying to get back at the world. I would rather have money in my pocket. Than have a little power. They need to grow up and get a real job.

  • scotttie

    i wish a speedy recovery , bit is it really worth it to stick your hands in someones car? come on first rule is officer safety mainly your own, they are criminals and have nothing to loose

  • Nora

    Was that Russell chinchar SR driving? Sounds like something that cocaine addict would do…smh. Speedy recovery officer!

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