UPS Employee Helps Elderly Man Get Money Back From Scam

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EASTLAKE, Ohio--An 84-year-old Eastlake man got back more than $5,000 he sent to someone who scammed him, thanks to an alert UPS employee, police said.

Eastlake Police Detective Ted Kroczak said the scam started with a phone call to the elderly man.

"They're actually identifying themselves as federal agents," Kroczak said.

Kroczak said the convincing scammer told the man he was to get more than $500,000, but first he had to pay the 1% tax on it: $5,250 in cash.

Kroczak said the man sent the money via UPS to a Miami address.

"It's very unusual to recover money whether it's send by check, credit card or cash itself," Kroczak said.

However, an alert UPS employee became suspicious of the package and called law enforcement.

"The investigators felt it wasn't part of a narcotics transaction or anything like that. It was being shipped out of state. They felt it was possibly part of a scam," Kroczak said.

Officers went to the elderly man's home Tuesday and confirmed it was his money, and yes, he was the victim of a scam, Kroczak said.

"He came to the police department and he recovered the money. We actually gave him the money back. He was actually very happy to get the money back," Kroczak said.

The officers were happy to return it, which is something they don't get to do much in these types of cases.

Kroczak said the scams are becoming more common, and many people fall for them.

"They are sending you merchandise to draw you into the scams themselves," Kroczak said.

He said con artists may even send gifts.

Bottom line: “If they are asking you to pay any time of money, ask credit card information, ask personal information, send a check, never do it. Never do it," Kroczak said.


    • Sweet Soul Sister

      Usually these scams are sent via Moneygram. The crook simply shows a fake license at any Walmart or check cashing place. The Moneygram the victim sends is real! nobody at the check cashing place cares if the license on who picks it up is fake they get their cut regardless.

      • One of GOD's Blessings

        Sweet Soul Sister, I’m sorry That you feel the way about Check Cashing centers but your comment Is far from true. My center or should I say the company in Ohio Stop scams Every wk my company. Cares. About the
        elderly as if they are our own family. God bless You sweet Soul sister

  • ziggy

    This story is lacking details. But I was wondering why ‘law enforcement’ didn’t send a fake package to the address and see who picked it up? It seems like these crooked Jamaican refugee scammers have no problem operating under the noses of our cops.

  • M2

    “an alert UPS employee became suspicious of the package and called law enforcement.”

    Alert to what? All they do is toss packages all day. Because? A Florida address? A major piece of this puzzle is missing.

  • Cherse

    “It’s vey unusual to recover money” by the sound of this story it was easy so why did this 84 yr old get his back so easy but no one else can? Really wonder where the money is goin

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