YouTube Rumored to be Starting Channel Just for Kids

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Limiting what a child sees on the internet can be a challenge.

YouTube is rumored to be trying to fix that problem with a child-friendly version of its website, according to the

The site would be aimed at kids 10 and under, and would only show videos deemed safe for this age group. Parents would also control access to the site.

The site would filter out comments that contain explicit language, and other references to adult content.

It’s unclear how the service would work, when it would launch, or if it would run advertising or not.

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  • Leslie Greathouse

    My 10 year old watches youtube all the time I have our computer set for each person in the house and when my daughter is on everything she does comes in a report to my email so I am able to monitor it closely without having to sit and watch 10 hours of one direction lol

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