Woman Named Ohio ‘Queen’ for Weight Loss Success

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SEVEN HILLS, Ohio — The doctor didn’t give her a diagnosis, but a warning was just as effective.

“Thankfully there is nothing wrong with you now,” Jan Vyhnalek of Seven Hills was told, “but if you continue at this weight, time and disease will catch up with you.”

Jan weighed over 253 pounds and was a lifelong yo-yo dieter.  The simple message from her doctor made a crucial impact, and Jan knew it was time for a change.

But she didn’t have to do it alone.  For months, Jan’s friends had been recommending a nonprofit weight loss support group called TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).

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“Everyone was so friendly and supportive that I felt at home immediately,” Jan said of her experience.

She credits God’s help and inspiration from TOPS for her slow but sure weight loss.

The group taught her how to track her daily food intake, hold herself accountable by doing weekly weigh-ins and support fellow TOPS members.

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Before long, Jan lost a total of 98 pounds.  She was named TOPS Ohio Queen for her weight loss success.

“There is no magic pill. There is no fast track. There is a promise of ups and downs on the weight loss journey because no one is perfect,” Jan said.  “But there is also an assurance that by making good food choices, watching portions, moving your body more, and getting a new mindset – you can lose weight and reach your goal.”

TOPS has chapters throughout the United States and Canada, including four in Cleveland.

Click here to read more about TOPS.


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