Watch: Cupcake Kid Gets His Cupcake

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The 3-year-old who went viral on the internet for his compelling arguing skills with his mother to eat a cupcake, has finally gotten his treat.

Mateo and his mother Linda visited the Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday, where Matthew received more cupcakes than his little hands could grasp.

Linda received a big treat as well.



  • Michelle Thomas

    Seriously? What is this World coming to, we reward a child for arguing with his parents? I thought it was crazy that he was calling his mother by her first name for one and I would be embarassed to post a video on the web of my child behaving like that, and yes before it is asked, I did watch the whole video on Facebook. I did not find it cute, I found it disturbing, because I would never allow my children to call me by my first name, and there is no way they would have been allowed to argue with me for that Long, after the first arguement out his mouth he would have been told “I said no, and if you want to keep arguing with me you won’t get any dessert after you eat dinner either.” That is what is wrong with the younger generations, they are let to get away with bad behavior and then told it is cute on top of it, and then rewarded for it to boot. I have always thought Ellen was funny and I still do, but I lost a lot of respect for her after this.

    • Kt

      He was calling her Linda bc they just taught him his parents name so in case he got lost he could say who his parents are, they previously ran into a child who was separated from their parents and the child didn’t know their parents names. And him using his words is a lot better than the little brats that scream and throw a tantrum.

    • Crystal

      What’s really wrong with society is people like you that can’t take a joke. Laugh a little it may help maneuvering the stick out of your butt.

  • Twink

    Relax. The kid is cute and well behaved. I’m sure it’s those ‘pop pops’ that he gets on his butt that keeps him in line! Dad is working and going to school, dad and mom and married. Glad Ellen gave them this moment!

  • MrsLittle

    yeh i didnt think it was a big deal…he was cute and quiet once he got on the show, he has a personality, i’m sure if she didnt decide to tape it maybe she would’ve have been more stern. But loosen your drawers Miss Thomas, it wasn’t that serious to me. you must be a hater. smh

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