More Mumps Cases Revealed at Ohio State

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Five more cases of mumps have been confirmed in an outbreak at Ohio State University, raising the total to 28.

Columbus Public Health reports all but five of those infected are students. One is a staff member, and another is a student’s relative. Health officials say the other three cases involve people who don’t study or work at Ohio State but have links to the university community.

Investigators are mapping cases to find links and determine how people became infected.

The confirmed cases involve 12 women and 16 men. They range in age from 18 to 48. Three of them were hospitalized for at least one day.

Ohio State employees and students who returned this week from spring break have been urged to take precautions to keep themselves healthy.

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  • dick buhite

    yes all you smart people that think that shots are dangerous never had any of these sicknesses I did and the sickness is many times worse than any allergic reaction to a shot time to wake up and stop this before we have major epidemics and these viruses mutate to where drugs can not handle them

    • Becky

      My son almost lost his life DUE to the MMR vax. Sorry, but I know what can and does happen when something that is “supposed” to protect a child harms them for life!

    • Cindy

      I had all these diseases, including scarlet fever, as did almost every Baby-Boomer alive today. OOPS, forgot, these diseases are deadly. Why aren’t we all dead?

      • Alex

        Sorry to comment on another one of your posts, but I had to after you said, “As far as Alex goes, he needs to educate himself a little more,” after not understanding the point I was making. Since you said that I’m going to point out that your logic here is comparable to that of a potato. If you can’t understand this simple concept, you surely can’t understand vaccines well either.

    • K. Green

      I, like the majority of baby-boomers, have had Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Chicken Pox, and got vaccinated against smallpox; all at under ten yrs. of age. Like most, I got a week off school, lots of chicken broth, jello, and aspirin, Yes aspirin, and time to watch tv, in black and white. VERY few kids got super ill back then, proportionately less than are adversely affected by the vaccines for what was once called normal childhood diseases. And, having the diseases as a child, they were much less severe than they are for the adults who get them now, after receiving the vaccines.
      The vaccines for these are risky, and I have never believed on their necessity However, due to their use being so prevalent for so long, the necessity IS arising as the diseases are becoming more severe due to less natural immunity in the population. This is a sad fact that we have brought upon ourselves.

      I would also like to mention that we all got a vaccination against the smallpox, which is no longer given because someone decided that smallpox was eradicated from all but the third-world countries. When smallpox shows up again is what needs to be worried about; because it sure won’t be possible for us who had the vaccine to repopulate.

  • Andrea

    I have two friends who have vaccine injured children, both are now SEVERELY autistic when hours before they were normal children, making normal developmental progress. While I’m sorry for you getting this disease, i WILL NOT have my children vaccinated there is nothing but pure poison in those shots

  • Melanie

    The biggest problem with the vaccines is they give 3-5 shots at the same time!!! I don’t understand that, and have never let my kids get more than 1 at a time. That way if they did have a reaction we know what vaccine caused it.
    Sometimes even though you were vaccinated you can still get the illness. I hope everyone gets well, and it doesn’t continue to spread.

  • Alex

    I’m sure all you vaccine experts have PhDs or MDs and significant data to back up your anti-vaccine views. Oh, wait. You probably don’t. The paper that linked vaccines to autism has been retracted because the primary investigator admitted to falsifying data. That means it’s not true. The chemicals in vaccines are present at insignificant levels. Many of the components of vaccines are in other every day items. I understand it is a personal choice to vaccinate your children, but realize there are others that cannot be vaccinated due to existing medical education. If anybody has any real, scientific data that shows vaccines are “pure poison,” please show us. Lastly, it’s kind of weird how people started living longer, healthier lives with advent of vaccines. There’s a reason we haven’t experienced a Black Plague in hundreds of years.

      • Cindy

        What does black plague have to do with vaccines? Really, you’re the one who shouldn’t be so stupid. There is no vaccine against black plague.

    • Cindy

      What does black plague have to do with vaccines? Really, you’re the one who shouldn’t be so stupid. There is no vaccine against black plague. (this comment was originally misplaced on a different person’s comment, so reposting to Alex)

      • Alex

        Cindy, It was an illustrative example to show how damaging a disease can be. I’m not claiming vaccines ended the Black Plague because that’s not true at all. As someone above pointed out, better methods of sanitation and personal hygiene helped improve wellness drastically. I 100% agree. I think vaccines take it one step further and add more protection. Also, physicians practice medicine. The term practice is used because medicine is not a field of 100% certainty. There are numerous risks involved. People suffer complications from minor surgeries, have unforeseen reactions to widely used medications, etc. Vaccinations are no different. The goal is to minimize these risks.

      • Alex

        Also, I’m not demanding parents vaccinate their children. Simply sharing my beliefs on vaccination. That’s the beauty of America; we are all entitled to out opinion. Parents will do what they see best fit for their children, and that is what it is, but it also good to remember why vaccinations are here. The disease we vaccinate for claimed thousands of lives. They aren’t meaningless, made up things to have an excuse to poison children.

    • Jamie

      Perhaps he should have used smallpox as an example instead of the plague, since it is a virus that was extremely detrimental in many populations and has since been eradicated due to vaccination. I think that overall “don’t be stupid” and Cindy you are missing his point that physicians and researchers have immensely studied vaccinations and their effects and the pros of vaccinations greatly outweigh any negative effects they may have. By choosing not to vaccinate their children or be vaccinated themselves, people are not only putting themselves at risk for harm (to each his own) but also the community around them. I think he was trying to get at the fact that many people who have this anti-vaccination view only researched this with a google search, which pulls up Yahoo answers and many motherly blogs, neither of which are credible sources. If you are going to have this view, at least have scientific evidence (medical journals, research articles) to back it up. Not everything you see or hear in the media (news, radio, internet) is true.

      • Cindy

        Jamie you have no clue where these “anti” vaccine mothers are coming from. They don’t just go playing around on Google and then make up their minds not to vaccinate. The majority of them WERE pro-vaccine. They are mothers who dutifully took their children in for their vaccines — and then something happened to their once-healthy children. They all have vaccine-INJURED children. That’s why they’re on this board. And vaccine injury is exactly why drug companies refused to keep producing vaccines until Congress promised them freedom of liability and created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. You don’t have to have access to Google to know when your child is vaccine-injured. Even illiterate Third World mothers are waking up. They take their children for vaccines and their children die hours or days later. This is not a coincidence. Mothers KNOW. And so do the drug companies. Why do you think Wyeth decided to started breaking up their vaccine batches in 1979 when they saw clusters of SIDS cases immediately following some of their vaccines? Take a look at this internal memo that Freedom of Information Act requests produced: . Instead of addressing the injuries, they simply figured out a way to hide them. As far as Alex goes, he needs to educate himself a little more. Really. Black plague. LOL

  • Sundra Chalid

    I’m 70 and had a few of these diseases when I was a kid. Polo was the big problem then. We got vacinated (SP) and a few shots back then. My children had all of the shots but not at the same time. Most children do not react badley to the shots but some of the diseases are deadly. It is hard to make an educated decision and parents can only do what they think is right for their child.

  • Polly

    Scarlet fever results from an untreated strep infection. It’s not a disease that you can vaccinate against.

    • Cindy

      I never said scarlet fever had a vaccine. I just included it in my comment that all the Baby Boomers had all the deadly diseases, including scarlet fever, before vaccines were around to prevent them. And we’re still here. Today’s generation of parents have been terrified into vaccinating for a number of diseases that were already disappearing before the vaccines were introduced. Inside toilets, running water, better hygiene–did you know that back in the 1950s a once-a-week bath was the norm?–all these things contributed to the fall in these diseases in America, not vaccines. Vaccines didn’t save us. Improved living conditions did. But they sure have done a lot for drug company bottom lines.

    • myrtle catherine

      Actually Frank, it states that “all but one had at least ONE dose” I am pretty certain that at least two doses is required.

      We have many illegals entering this country, many if not all of which have never been vaccinated. So for those counting on “herd immunity”, they are taking a huge chance with their children. They are also taken risks with others. When they bring their children, that could be contagious or carriers of any of these preventable diseases, to doctors offices, they are putting other children, that have not reached their full dosage against these diseases, at risk. Also, many older people of which have not been vaccinated for years could be at risk coming into contact with these children.

      As for the many that claim that they lived through many of these diseases, claiming “that they are still here”, is just wrong. There are many others that did not make it through those diseases, they are just not here to speak up.

      The autism/vaccine link has been disproven. As for reactions against these vaccines, as I believe someone else mentioned, I will not dispute. As with many medical, life saving procedures, there will be a few that have complications, but nothing in comparison to how many would be sick if it weren’t for those procedures.

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