Fight for Fireworks: Push to Bring Back the Family Tradition

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ELYRIA, Ohio--Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda is launching a new campaign. She wants to bring back the city’s 4th of July fireworks.

There haven’t been any since 2008. She said while the support is there, the money isn’t.  So now, she’s turning to residents for help.

“I'm very interested to see if our citizens step up, our corporations step up like they have for so many other initiatives to return a great family tradition,” said Mayor Brinda.

The celebration comes with a price tag of $60,000. She said a big chunk of the cost is for fireworks; the rest will be used for other things needed that day.

"Safety forces are very important, so the city has to have available police and fire, plus our water department. There are a lot of public services that go into doing this,” she said.

Anyone interested in donating can do so right online. The city set up a paypal account on its website. There’s also a gauge on there to track any progress.

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Mayor Brinda said if they raise enough, they’ll have the fireworks on July 2 with a rain date of July 3. The event will be held at West Park. She said there’s enough room there to fit everyone comfortably.

“I like that location because it was easy for parking plus my daughter lived right there so I got to stay at her house and watch them,” said Elyria resident, Ed Meosky.

If the city can’t reach its goal, the Mayor said they’ll put all the money in a special fund for fireworks and try again next year.

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