Plugged In: ‘This is Cleveland’

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CLEVELAND– Cleveland doesn’t follow anyone’s rules; it makes its own.

That’s the premise behind Positively Cleveland’s new destination brand for the city to boost tourism. It was revealed on Wednesday.

Positively Cleveland also announced a social media movement called “This is Cleveland” to encourage Clevelanders to show what their city means to them. They are urged to use “#ThisisCLE” on all social media posts. “This is Cleveland” is also the name of a new website from Positively Cleveland.

The convention and visitors bureau said in a press release that “the brand focuses on the city’s world-class art, culture and rock and roll in a way that is irreverent, fun and always unmistakable.”

The reason behind the new destination brand? President & CEO of Positively Cleveland David Gilbert said, “It’s time to change the narrative about Cleveland at home and outside the city. Right now, Cleveland is enjoying a renaissance along with the benefits of billions of dollars in new development and improvements. Now is the time to drive more travel and tourism to Cleveland.”

In addition, Positively Cleveland said there is no one slogan covering the whole destination. Colette Jones, vice president of marketing, said, “Cleveland’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of place. And, we don’t think you can define Cleveland with one catch-phrase. Rather, we will use different campaigns to connect with our different audiences. But they will all be about the same brand: Cleveland.”

Learn more about the new brand by clicking here.


  • Eyeofstorm

    Cleveland doesn’t follow anyones rules, skeleton Fire crews, skeleton Police force and chuck hole the size of the Grand Fu@king Canyon. Almighty One please send someone to save this city.

    • Chuck-hole Chuck

      Those problems are everywhere recession-finances, four-season weather, and an aging infrastructure exist. The only ‘save’ there could be is happening now: Billions being invested in the city. Even the ‘great’ cities of the US have these issues of rebuilding to cope with. Are you locked in your mother’s basement by any chance?

      • Eyeofstorm

        Heres a riddle for ya. How do you know when you’ve driven out of the city of Cleveland? NO MORE CHUCK HOLES!!!!! You should get out and visit the suburbs Chuck-hole Chuck. The only thing that could save this city is a Conservative Republican, Period.

      • SoSueMe

        Maybe you’re the one locked in your mamma’s basement. Those problems are not everywhere. Cleveland is a crime ridden cesspool. It’s right up there with Detoilet. The weather is one of the worst in the US. Cleveland is a damp, gloomy chithole. You need to get out of Cleveland more, then you would see that.

  • george johnston

    I understand. Steer “tourists” away from the hood and into large enterprising districts with lots of money and mostly white people. Then get them out and don’t let them drive down a bad street. The public employee unions have ravaged Cleveland with all available funds going into the pockets of the union employees to feed their pensions and Cadillac heath benefits. We are lucky to have any private sector business in this city with the union tax burden.

    • end corruption in cleveland

      mayor, council, fire, ems, and police should be non-paid voluntary positions. too many are living like kings on the backs of the poor ghetto cleveland taxpayer

      • Eyeofstorm

        Yes I have to agree, as a Firefighter in the city of Cleveland I must say the $23.60 an hour I make an hour ($20.77) after pension removal. I live like a King. Mind you I’ve had 2 back surgeries and have permanent paralysis in my left leg and a neck injury which has left me with permanent paralysis in my right arm I still manage to get up and go to work because you just can’t beat the wages. By the way, might I ask what you do for a living and how much you get paid?

    • Eyeofstorm

      I have news for you you idiot. The unions are not funded by the tax payers but by the union members. Let me guess, you voted for Jackson more than once and probably O’bama also. Take a look in the mirror and you will see one of the problems with this city and country these days. Idiot.

      • Chud Baby

        If you are in such bad shape, maybe you should of not chosen to be a firefighter. Hate for you not to be able to perform your duties. But that is why you pay those union fees, to protect you from the harsh reality that is.

        I do a little of this and little of that, plus I do some paintings and stuff. I make about 11.2 mil Doge Coin a year.

  • Mark

    notice no comment section for the police chief warning drug dealers they could be put away for life?

    Guess he’s never watched Law & Order. Police arrest; prosecutors prosecute, judges sentence. The police chief has no say in the sentence… think he’d know that…

    • Chud Baby

      Fox8 is scared to let people comment on those things.. That station is run by the same inept group of idiots that run the city.

  • Chud Baby

    Unconstitutional traffic lights, the Cleveland does not care. The Cleveland does what the Cleveland wants. When we need to attract people, the Cleveland does whatever it wants then too.

    The Cleveland is supported by the great people in it, such as the 3 time convicted DUI offender, Zach Reed. Or the thieving president of Gas stations and owner of the worst team in the NFL, Jimmy Haslam.

    Burn this city to the ground.

  • Deb

    I hate to say this but Detroit had a much better ad when they used an ad using the choir for DAAS…that choir put it out there

  • darin

    i don’t like the video. defending accusations appears to only validate them. why not just show what you have to offer? also, you are advertising making your own rules, i.e. rebellion in a city riddle with crime to begin with?! not a good message to me…

  • Left long ago

    Cleveland has been democratically controlled FOR EVER and it’s a mess. Cleveland is ALWAYS on the top of “bad” lists and is never anywhere on any “good” list.

    I used to live there, moved to a suburb of Pittsburgh over 10 years ago. Similar cities except Pittsburgh IS always on “good” lists and is never on any “bad” lists and there is not as many ghetto types here.

    Cleveland is cursed.

  • Allen

    If Cleveland wants to change, they should start at the Cleveland Airport. As a frequent flyer, the people who work there (after security) all have a very bad attitude and that is a bad start and end to visiting Cleveland. A smile and politeness goes a long way.

  • chris

    Well they got that right, they don’t follow the rules! What a corrupt cesspool. It’s like they’re in a race to the bottom with Detroit.

  • S.Kathleen

    Typical. Show the Browns, the Indians, the Cavs, but leave out the Monsters, a team that has the SECOND HIGHEST ATTENDANCE RECORD IN THE ENTIRE AHL, that is out of 30 MAJOR markets/cities. A team that has added “Cleveland” and “CLE” in their name and logo, a team that generates major revenue downtown and is feeding the playoff bound Colorado Avalanche talent. Shows the short-sighted view of the marketing “experts”. Hockey is the largest growing sport in Ohio. Most major cities along the Great Lakes and the boarder to the Great White North, have NHL teams. People actually DO LIKE HOCKEY. It is a DRAW for many people. The video was fine. I don’t think it was great, and not just for leaving out our hockey team. The video showed a lot, but nothing memorable. The clips were too short to really register what you were seeing. I didn’t see anything about our WORLD CLASS ORCHESTRA and other than the Rock Hall…what about our OTHER museums and the Science Centre? A photo from far away doesn’t tell anyone what the is IN the building? A lot was left out. TOO much time was spent on the Rock Hall and the “big” 3 sporting teams. One shot would have been enough…not repeated shots. All in all, it isn’t up to par with a lot of other tourism videos I’ve seen. Try again.

  • kate k

    I love cleveland I was.born and raised here and it needs things fixed just like most cities. Instead of complaining, im proactive in my community. We should stand together and help OUR city thrive instead of waiting for someone else to do it!

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