City Looking to Get Out of the Jail Business

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

CLEVELAND – The city wants to get out of the jail business, and may be getting close to doing exactly that.

Cleveland Safety Director Michael McGrath discussed a proposal with members of council’s safety committee meeting Wednesday.

The proposal discusses transferring the responsibility for booking, processing, and care of suspects arrested by Cleveland police to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff.

“It makes perfect dollar sense for the city,” said Councilman Matt Zone.

If approved by the city and county councils, the move could save taxpayers millions.

“Our annual cost to feed, care, and provide medical care to our prisoners will be reduced to about $8.5 million and we are currently spending about $14.7 million dollars,” said Marty Flask, executive assistant to the mayor.

Council members said they are not sure if any of the current city jail workers will lose their jobs if the proposal is passed.

Officials said the county will employ some, and others could be transferred to different city jobs.

Both county council and city council are expected to be voting on the proposal in the next several weeks.