Need a Ride? DD Sevice Drives Clients Around in Own Car

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- St. Patrick’s Day partiers who are having trouble finding a designated driver can now hire one.

“They come to your home. They leave their vehicle. They take you around in your own car,” said Alexa Milkovich.

Milkovich co-founded the business four years ago with a friend. The service is based on their own experiences trying to pay for, and find a cab to ride into town.

“A cab was 70 plus dollars to Cleveland and back,” said Milkovich.

BeMyDD charges $16 per hour and the driver doesn’t just drop you off. They will take you anywhere you want to go.

The drivers must all pass an extensive background check and have 10 years driving experience, with no felonies and no sex offenders.

Alexa says they see all sort of clients, but they don’t share any of their client’s secrets.

She recommends people plan ahead.

And so do police, who will be out in force.

“We’ll be doing saturation patrols all the way through Monday evening and not only us but the Cuyahoga County OVI Task Force in conjunction with the sheriff’s office and state highway patrol,” said Patrolman Mark Fyock, North Royalton Police.

A checkpoint was held in North Royalton Friday night, and was just one of many planned for across NE Ohio this weekend.

Patrolman Fyock says people can designate a sober driver, take public transportation, call a cab, or spend the night. He says friends should take the keys off of an impaired driver and never get into a car with one.

Alexa’s business is now in 74 cities in 31 states.

But she says the real success is in keeping people safe.

“It feels good. Not only am I saving lives but I’m creating jobs," she said.


  • Joe Code stud

    Wow, the drivers must pass a NASA style background check and have Daytona 500 experience to get paid 7.50 hour to drive around a bunch of drunken zombies.

  • Jackie

    I’ve used this service before and had a pretty bad experience. First, this service will actually cost you more than a cab if you’re going to be out for several hours. Second, the driver showed up late. Third, the driver damaged my car and denied it. It was my word versus his so I was stuck with a $550 body shop repair bill. I’ll never use this service again and DO NOT recommend to anyone else.

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