Need A New Car? Bentley Part of CPD Vehicle Auction

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — If you’re shopping for a new car, Saturday might be your lucky day.

Saturday morning, the Cleveland Police Department will auction off a 2005 Bentley CGT.

It’s just one of 57 cars that will be auctioned off. All the vehicles have either been abandoned or forfeited to the city. The Bentley only has 4,900 miles on it.

Bidding for that car will start at $55,000.

“This is a big-time, high item,” said Cleveland Police Department Sgt. Ali Pillow. “We don’t normally come across these. But we do come across some nice vehicles. This is one of the nicer ones in recent memory.”

The Bentley was seized during a narcotics investigation.

All of the money raised will go toward the Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

For more information on the auction, click here.

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  • Kevin B.

    They will leave some drugs in it and track you down, bust you for drugs and make you forfeit the car and sell it again.

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