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Motorcyclist Escapes Police After 150MPH Chase

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MEDINA TWP., Ohio -- Medina Township police are searching for the driver of a motorcycle clocked at speeds over 150 miles per hour after an officer tried stopping it on Interstate 71 Tuesday.

Medina Township Police Chief David Arbogast said one of his officers attempted to stop the motorcycle driver when he was going 79 miles per hour in the southbound lanes of the interstate about 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The driver, however, accelerated to speeds faster than the cruiser could go.

"The first time it was 154, then it went to 155 then to 156 miles per hour," said Arbogast.

The police department reached out to the Ohio Highway Patrol for their assistance, and troopers just happened to have a fixed wing airplane in the area at the time doing traffic enforcement.

Troopers continued to watch from the air as the motorcycle continued at high speeds south on Interstate 71, exiting on Interstate 76 eastbound toward Wadsworth.

"It's sort of classified as a pursuit, but we were so far behind it our vehicles could not keep up with it -- the only reason we were able to track it was because of the airplane," said Arbogast.

Along the way, the motorcycle continued to pass state troopers on the ground, still being observed from the air.

"There was, I believe, a Wadsworth car that was sitting in an exit ramp. As soon as he saw another car he picked up and from the air I believe they clocked him at 110, 112, 114 miles an hour," said Arbogast.

The police chief said his department does have a pursuit policy, which his officers followed.

Their concern at the time was not only for the safety of the motorcyclist himself, but for that of the other drivers on the road who he was flying past.

"Any number of things could have gone wrong and actually -- if he dumped the bike he probably would have killed himself," said Arbogast.

The motorcycle was watched as the driver exited onto route 261, then turned onto South Hametown road in Copley where he ditched the bike in a garage before taking off on foot.

Police recovered the motorcycle, a Honda RC 51 racing bike, which they say appears to have been modified.

Arbogast said the vehicle identification numbers do not match the tag that was on the motorcycle.

Investigators, along with the Medina Township police, are following leads to try to find the driver while they are also trying to determine if the motorcycle was stolen.

If it has been reported stolen the driver faces even more serious charges when he is caught.

(Photo Credit: Medina Township Police)

(Photo Credit: Medina Township Police)


  • Jason

    Concerned about the safety of the motorcyclist? Obviously the motorcyclist didn’t have concern for his own safety!

    • Chud Baby

      They were most likely more in control than most drivers are at all other times. Ever drive on 71 during rush hour, people are no better than primates in a cage.

      But who cares about how people drive until we make laws on how people should drive.

    • Mark

      “Now no more motorcycle.” He didn’t lose a thing. It’s highly probable, as they mentioned, that it was stolen.

      With all the salt chunks, melting snow (water on the road), sand and gravel from over the winter… he’s pretty lucky with the speeds he was doing.

  • A Mom

    I certainly hope this careless motorcyclist is found and punished. I am glad that he didn’t cause an accident, it would have been more than awful.

  • george johnston

    A young Evel Kenievel. I hope we see this young brave man jumping Greyhound buses at a police charity event. Maybe jump Snake River Canyon with another skycycle and make it this time. We are running out of heroes.

    • April

      I know it’s irresponsible of me but I’m honestly just the tiniest bit glad he got away. Lol I see cops drive faster than 79 all the time while not in persuit.he was enjoying the sun on the highway. It probably wasn’t a stolen bike. I would be surprised. Seems like he was pretty practiced at driving it. Probably just didn’t have a license or something to get the right tags. I don’t know. He lost his bike, so, that’s sucky enough. If that don’t teach him a lesson then I don’t know. Id like to see him get some stunt driving gig. Lol I see people writing he could have killed somebody, yeah, but, some drivers just got it. Like a calling. Must have been good at it cuz even sky control couldn’t really keep up and no one or himself where injured..

      • April

        His bikes gone. He didn’t hurt anyone or even try to hurt anyone on purpose like most of the other stories. Beats the other news about dad’s biting off their kids noses and people luring kids with candy and cops killing people in movie theatres over trying. Like I said, its irresponsible of me to think it, but I do. Lol I can’t help it.

      • tom

        Amen April Amen!! The story about the dad biting off his one month old sons nose is sickening and hurt my heart wish he could get death penalty

  • Amen

    Hey look Ma, I just killed an entire family on the Interstate with my childish , irresponsible motorcycle moves. I’m a real HERO!!!!!!!

    • george johnston

      Motorcycles don’t kill entire families on the highway. Those people get killed by idiots like you in your SUVs while texting.

      • BossMan

        Congratulations George, you just proved how much if an idiot you really are to everyone reading these comments! Way to go!!!

  • disappointed

    No actual footage? Lame, and for all you people freaking out… If he got away he obviously really knows how to drive.

  • Eric

    Good, I hope he / she gets away. These Revenue Agents have nothing else better to do than terrorize motorcycle riders!

  • Billy

    It’s a motorcycle rider, not a driver. Very confusing to read or listen to these uneducated writers/police when they done’ even know that. Also, that’s not any kind of race bike, just a regular old street bike.

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