Dog Found During Snow Storm, Woman Facing Charges

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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH — A woman is facing charges after her dog was found in very bad shape during Wednesday’s snow storm.

The female boxer was found around 6 p.m. on Osborne Road. She was extremely emaciated and is missing an eye. However, the eye appears to have been operated on professionally.

The Garfield Heights Dog Warden say Navada Williams, 43, of Osborn Road, is charged with one count of animal cruelty, one count of animal abandonment, two counts of failure to get a dog registration and one count of filing a false alarm.

The warden says Williams saw the report of the missing dog and called stating the dog was hers. Authorities determined she made a false report, initially claiming she was not the owner when the dog was picked up by the warden.

The malnourished dog remains in the care of the warden and is receiving treatment by the Family Vet Clinic.

When the dog is ready for adoption, viewers can go to the Garfield and Maple Heights Animal Rescue Team website by clicking here for more information. It is unknown when the dog will be ready for adoption.

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  • Terry

    Look at that sad, pitiful face. If I could afford to take care of her I would be the first in line to adopt her. She needs a loving home.

  • Neca Rodriguez

    Sean Burke…your comment is completely irrelevant as I’m sure you are as well. A racist white person, imagine that. SMH. As for the ACTUAL story: I hope and pray this little girl gets a wonderful forever home with a family that will love that little face.

  • Debbie

    I hope Goddard’s Law passes. This needs to stop. Poor thing, I feel like crying every time I see her picture. Naveda Williams, you should be ashamed of yourself! What is wrong with people like you? Missing brain cells? How do you do that to a poor helpless animal?

    • george johnston

      Too much money and attention is put into pets. We have kids who need the money and attention.

      • ziggy

        I would much rather pay to help this dog than see you get another welfare dime for your kids. Get a job and a vasectomy.

      • Heather

        Everything living needs care and love and food and water!! Why should a animal be any different? It’s people that abuse! Not animals! They forever love the people that take good care of them! You obviously don’t care for animals so you should not even make a comment! Maybe you should be left starving and outside in 5 degrees!

  • Debbie

    And before anyone jumps on my band wagon – what I mean by “people like you” is people who hurt animals. My statement meant nothing about her race. Just for the record.

  • Sharon Williams

    So glad they found the person who is responsible for the cruelty to this animal, I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. Hopefully the dog will recover and find a loving home, she is in good hands at the Family Pet Clinic they will give her the proper care she needs. They are such wonderful people and caring.

  • bill

    I’m so glad the dog is NOT going back to that thang! By “thang” I mean the previous owner….. just for the record lol

  • Al

    how about we treat her the way she treated the dog? a good lesson for all those for all those animal abusers

  • Patti

    Why not leave her out in the cold for a while. Pets need care just like kids do so we need to help everyone we can. sometimes if you are not a pet owner you do not the care that goes in to taking care of a dog or cat or any naimal for that matter

  • denise

    another POS, irresponsible animal owner. to bad Goddard’s law hasn’t passed yet, she could of been charged with a felony. she needs to pay for ALL the dogs medical expenses and have to stand in front of the APL with a sign that says, I abuse animals…

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