WATCH: TV Reporter Gets Hit With Purse

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania — A woman who admitted posting nude photos of her husband’s girlfriend online hit a TV reporter on her way out of court on Tuesday.

Julie Ottaviani wanted to get even with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, investigators said.

A reporter from WNEP tried to question Ottaviani as she left court.

The woman’s family members tried to block the camera.

When the reporter put a microphone in front of Ottaviani, she grabbed it and then hit him with her purse.

Investigators say Ottaviani created a fake Facebook page using naked pictures of her husband’s girlfriend — then added the girlfriend’s 14-year-old son as a friend.

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  • Cheryl

    Just a warning to all you reporters: If someone tells you to get out of their face then back up! She clearly already had her crazy turned on so what makes you think your except from that? I have never hid my crazy and I would have for sure done more then hit you with my purse and just posted pics on Facebook… The husband would be paying too since he is the cheater.

    • OhioMarine

      Agreed. Clearly, she’s into drama, and I would’ve expected that kind of reaction from her if I stuck a mic in her face. I have no sympathy for the reporter, or her. Sometimes, some reporter are just asking for it.

  • Gret

    People should really think before they act. The son did nothing to this lady. But yet she is being disrespectful to this poor boy. She needs counseling .

    • April

      I agree about the son. That was hurtful and just nasty to do that to a child. She is pretty disturbed. Sounds like her husband had a pretty good reason to get out of that relationship. That really goes beyond getting even. She needs help.

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