Police: Child Struck Crossing Street to Catch School Bus

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AKRON, Ohio- The Akron Police Department is asking for your help to track down a hit-and-run driver.

Akron Police said an 11-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle on South Arlington Street between Baird Street and 7th Avenue around 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Police say the child appeared to have been crossing the roadway to catch the bus for school and was not within the marked crosswalk. 

The child was transported to Akron Children’s Hospital where he is listed in serious condition. 

The vehicle that struck the child was possibly a red pickup truck and was last seen going northbound on South Arlington Street.

The child’s book bag is missing. 

Anyone with information about the hit skip accident or the missing book bag is asked to contact the Akron Police Department.


    • sarah

      Sue yes the kid needs to cross the right way but its a kid being a kids so yes might have been his own falt but the pos you should be talking about iis the oerson that drove off .

    • Jim Linde

      What is wrong with people. Injuring an innocent child and now his book bag is missing? I hope they catch the coward s I believe hit and run combined with leaving the scene of an accident and failure to render aid should be enough to send this coward away for a long time, let the other inmates know he injured an 11 year old boy and he or she is toast.

  • Dan Michel

    Sue Cox, what is wrong with you? You’re actually sticKing up for the hit and run dRiver? AttenTion Police:person of interest (or a psychopath, at the very least)

    • Elizabeth

      “Sue” is looking for attention. ….guess not everyone thinks before they act….even as an adult.

  • Parent of 5

    You have no compassion whatsoever !! You have no idea the circumstance, even when taught right from wrong kids may not always think right away. This is someone’s child. If your going to call someone a POS , look in the mirror. No matter who was right or wrong a human was hit & the driver should’ve stopped. Thoughts & prayers to this child & their family. Praying for you & your cold heart.

    • anon

      Okay. Why all the going on about getting car fixed???!! This isn’t a joke nor a place to be sarcasstic. If you are being serious then by God you sure sounds suspicious. What is wrong with your thinking?!?! What is this was YOUR CHILD? Would you still be more concerned over it being the kids fault and the car damage?!? When I was 13 and had my first bike to rode on my own I didn’t see a car pulling into a big lots parkway I fell off bike and the poor lady swerved like crazy to miss me. My fault? Absolutely. Should I have been paying attention more? Absolutely. Was I a young innocent kid who does what kids do? ABSOLUTELY. you are cold hearted and should refrain from being such on here.

    • anon

      And yes my spelling is horrible typing on a phone before anyone mentions it. Sue this isn’t a joke and for all the complete crab attention you are getting you should make your time more productive instead of being so ridiculous. How about offering to help the family affected? That should be your punishment for such ignorance.

  • Elizabeth

    This is heartbreaking. The overwhelming guilt of the driver will bring them to turn themselves in. Prayers to the child stuck :(

  • connie

    So, since it was a school bus, the stop sign should of been
    Out & the flashing red lights should of been on telling the
    Vehicles to stop for a student crossing the road! He should of stopped!!

  • SoSueMe

    Who hits a human being and doesn’t stop? Especially a child. What kind of filthy POS does that? These hit and runs are happening constantly anymore. smh

  • Lynn Foulkrod

    If it wasn’t the driver’s fault then why did they take off? Where is the child’s book bag? What human being would not stop for another to help? Sue, you are a disgusting excuse of a human being. Are you saying that if a child ran in front of your car and you hit them you could just drive off and leave them to die? Well guess what….what wasn’t a crime to begin with now makes you a sick criminal.

    • LKD

      I saw in an different story that some one has “highjacked” Sue Cox normal screen name. She reported it to fox 8, but looks like they are still at it. A troll of the internet just saying the worst possible things they can think of to get a reaction out of everyone.

  • Mary

    Please stop giving Sue so much attention?? This is what she wants!! Stupid people need to be ignored!
    Therefore, my prayers are with the boy and I hope they catch the driver.

  • Michelle

    My prayers go out to the little boy and his family. God bless you all. How do you know there was damage to the vehicle? Very suspicious….

  • Bill

    I’m thinking Sue is bipolar?????? Or perhaps some grown man living in his mommys basement, no job, no girl friend, so lots of time on his hands to sit around on the computer making rude remarks and jacking off all day???

  • Nadiaa

    Wow I couldn’t believe the comments on here. Even if the child wasn’t walking in the cross walk the driver should’ve stopped.

  • betty

    As a driver of the truck you should know that a driver should be able to control their vehicle at all times any pedestrian hurt will be thefault of the driver check the driver licence manual the driver should have been paying attention

  • kristy

    Prayers to the child and his family. And some people on here need to find god. May god have mercy on your soul sue

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