Man Driving Kids was Allegedly 4 Times Legal Limit

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(Esteban Lozano)

(Esteban Lozano)

(Esteban Lozano)

WILLARD, Ohio — The Ohio State Highway Patrol stopped a man they said was driving left of center to find two children and another adult in the vehicle.

Troopers encountered Esteban Lozano, 35, along Conwell Avenue in Willard on March 7 around 8:51 p.m.

Lozano, of Willard, was taken to the police department where his breath test allegedly registered more than four times the legal limit.

The children in the car were ages 4 and 8 and belonged to his female passenger.

Lozano was charged with several things, including OVI and child endangering.

He pleaded guilty and was scheduled to be sentenced on March 14.

The female passenger was not cited.


  • Bill

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    • April

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  • Amen

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  • D.

    The passenger should also be charged with child endangering. She knew he was impared and let him drive her children. What is wrong with her and him. Don’t they care about the children? Neuter them both.

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