Stunning Pictures Capture I-480 Pile-up

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CLEVELAND--Wednesday's drive home from work turned into a nightmare for hundreds of drivers, who were caught in whiteout conditions all over Northeast Ohio.

On I-480 Westbound between W. 130th and W. 150th, dozens of cars smashed into one another as blinding snow became an issue in the afternoon.

The area was shut down for over seven hours.

Seven people were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.

*FOX 8 Facebook fan, Andrew, from Fairview Park, sent in the video below of the crash*

Data pix.


    • WildBill

      If Hod brought them home, must we then wonder why he chose in his almighty wisdom to crash all those cars into eachother in a blinding snowstorm?

      Or could we all take a deep breath and consider cars are pretty safe these days, especially in crashes, and conditions just occurred that led to an accident with no fatalities and be thankful everyone is OK?

    • jamie

      so god watched over these people on 480 but not the people on the turnpike where 3 people died????? get off it god has NOTHING to do with it.

  • Abby Reel

    Had I not stopped and got gas before leaving work, I most likely would have been one of the unlucky ones! Coincidence? I doubt it! God is good all the time!

  • ivana

    Hi well um I was in this crash today…..I saw cars getting smashed and they all turned into accordions….it was terrifying. I got rear ended but I’m Ok. seeing iitgave me shivers, someone was definitely watching over these people. People were just flying across smashing into walls and other cars and I just was in awe.

    • WildBill

      Yes, someone was definitely watching over them. Thank an automotive engineer today. Maybe bake some brownies?

    • Lee A

      Well, if you only got rear ended, I wonder if you are trhe one that started the whole thing???

      Obviously someone got scared in the snow and slammed on thier brakes which in turn caruse everyone else to slam into them…

  • Wendy

    I just wanted to say, if I had not gotten stopped by a co-worker I would have also been in the middle of this mess….Ivana I am glad that you are safe…God was watching over all of those people. I sat at the top of the hill and witnessed some of the cars being taken away on flat beds…God is good ALL of the time.

  • Dave

    I teach defensive driving for a living. Let me tell you about proper space mangement, following distance, and adjusting your speed during inclement weather – you know – boring stuff.

  • t

    My step sister was killed so please save your other topics of discussion for somewhere else. Accidents happen. That’s life. May she rest in peace.

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