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3 Killed, Trooper Injured in Turnpike Crashes

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SANDUSKY COUNTY, Ohio -- Three people were killed and a trooper was seriously injured in a series of crashes that closed a portion of the Ohio Turnpike in Sandusky County Wednesday.

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According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, a trooper was investigating a crash in the eastbound lanes of the turnpike near the 102 and 103 mile markers at about 1:25 p.m. in Sandusky County.

At around 2:50 p.m., another crash occurred, pinning the trooper between two vehicles. Authorities said Trooper Andrew B. Clouser, 29, suffered serious injuries to his legs and was taken to the hospital. He's in stable but serious condition.

Police say the crash was nearly one mile in length between both the 102 and 103 mile markers. Nearly 50 vehicles, including several semis, were involved.

Several people were trapped in their vehicles at one time.

Police are rerouting traffic.

According to authorities, the turnpike is closed between state Route 53 and state Route 4 due to the accidents.

Meanwhile, an accident at milepost 112 in Erie County has all lanes blocked on the turnpike.

Sandusky County and Erie County were under a Level 3 Snow Emergency, at the time.

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Stick with Fox 8 and for more details as they develop.

**The video at the top of this page is courtesy of The Sandusky Register/Assistant Managing Editor Shawn Foucher**


    • Where are our manners?

      I hope next of kin have been notified. Even so, would you want to see your sons/daughters/husbands/wife’s vehicle being shared and posted on facebook by people passing by? I certainly wouldn’t.

      • SoSueMe

        I agree. But her hubby has it bad, he’s stuck on “all that”. SMH. She should be thankful he’s wasn’t INVOLVED in the accidents.

  • Otto

    No excuse for this. SLOW DOWN!!! Truck drivers especially NEVER take weather conditions into account… pedal to the metal to make sure they get their bonus for early delivery. Look at all those semis wedged together… they all need to be cited for not keeping assured stopping distance from the vehicle in front of them.

    • Eric

      First let me tell you most of us professional truck drivers out here will do what ever it takes to not be involved in a crash. And second most of us will sacrifice our own life if need be not run over a car of innocent people. Most accidents involving trucks & cars are most always caused by the car, true fact, look it up. AND TO TOP IT OFF WE DO NOT GET BONUSES FOR DELIVERING LOADS EARLY, BUT ALOT OF TIMES WE WILL NOT GET PAID IF ITS LATE, EVEN IF THE WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE BAD. AND YOU ARE WELCOME FOR US DELIVERING EVERYTHING YOU OWN AND EAT.

  • Peter

    I would be willing to bet that the root cause of this accident was a passenger vehicle mistake and not a truck drivers. We (passenger vehicle) are always driving 75mph and swerving in and out of passing lanes without any respect for the vehicles weighing 20 times as much and thinking they can stop on a dime.

  • Maria

    I travel daily on the turnpike . My vehicle is small and I have many experiences of aggressive commercial drivers trying to either pass me when I am going the speed limit or aggressively trying to get me to move out of their way . It is extremely dangerous . Many of these drivers do not slow down in severe weather conditions . It is so sad to hear about this tragedy . Families are grieving tonight because of an accident that could of been prevented.

  • B. Moore

    Before you all start the finger pointing, consider the weather conditions. If you do some checking you will find that they were having white-out conditions, with freezing fog. For cryin’ out loud the area was under a Level 3 emergency !!!! It was an unfortunate accident occurring during an extreme winter weather event..

  • jen

    It really doesn’t matter whos fault it is. 3 innocent people are gone. 1 a close friend and co-workers young daughter. PLEASE pray for these families…:(

  • joker73

    I suppose it would be my husbands fault if he’d hit the idiot in the four wheeler that turned in front of his fuel tanker too? Lucky for them he hit the brakes and was able to avoid a horrible accident. Hurry up and beat the truck seems to be what goes through your minds. How about showing them some respect and thanking them for everything you have including the fuel in your tank and in the emergency vehicles that come to help you. Without these truck drivers (of all types) you’d have nothing!

  • Chuck

    I drive a truck an was thru there an hour earlier. An I stopped at the 100 mm. It was the weathers fault. It was real bad. They all should have stopped. The comment about truck drivers not stopping becuz of bonus is untrue.alot of Companys complain if u stop cuz some customers like auto plants charge truck company’s thousands of dollars if load is late an plant shuts down. They don’t care an there’s no reason to them why load is late. It’s time the law also puts shippers an receivers at fault if they are found to not care about road safety an are pushing trucks on ontime delivery with no care about road safety

  • Tina

    My husband was stuck at a plaza on the tp duevto storm and accident. He just called and he had to go Rt 20 ehich is all ice. He said thry are towing trucks that look like a mangled piece of metal. Truckers do the right thing, stop for weather, but when it comes a white out at the drop of a dime there is nothing thry can do.

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