Ohio Panel to Weigh Letting Hunters Use Silencers

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio committee has scheduled a vote on a bill that would let Ohio hunters to use firearms silencers.

Last month, lawmakers and their aides got a hands-on look at the devices and listened to silenced and unsilenced weapons.

The measure would let Ohioans holding a valid hunting license use the silencers while hunting certain birds and other wild game, including squirrels, rabbits and white-tailed deer. Only those authorized under state and federal laws could use the suppressor, which must be properly registered.

The House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee planned to consider the bill Tuesday morning.

Backers of suppressors say they protect hunters’ hearing, make field commands easier to hear and reduce disruptions to neighbors. Opponents say quieter weapons are less safe and easier to use illegally.

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  • george johnston

    As a former military veteran I can attest that repeated discharge of a firearm does degrade one’s hearing over time. There is a myth believed by those not familiar with firearms that a silenter completely silences a gun to the point where the discharge is inaudible to those in proximity to the discharge. These devices being proposed for hunters would only deaden the most damaging effects of the blast, not silence it, saving one’s hearing. As noted in the article it is dangerous to use firearms, except at the range, using ear protection. This is a good bill.

    • Jim

      There is no such thing as a former military veteran. Veterans are veterans forever. Use good hearing protection and firearm discharge will not be an issue.

      • george johnston

        You don’t need your hearing reduced with hearing protection either in combat or while hunting. The silencer is the only option and in fact soldiers are starting to use them now.

    • george johnston

      If it is a bad idea “for many reasons” you should be able to name a few and defend your reasons.

  • george johnston

    How about bear hunting? You shoot a bear’s ear off and he takes off after you while you are trying to reload another arrow. Repeating arms were a great step forward in hunting animals that would like to eat you.

    • SoSueMe

      Hey george, note that I said “deer”. Plus, that said, we ain’t that bad a shot with a bow. More than likely there wouldn’t be a reload.

  • george johnston

    Why don’t you use a spear or catapult if you want to get primitive? This article is about gun hunting and hearing loss, not trendy alternatives. Daniel Boone used a single-shot muzzle loader and got chased all the way to the Alamo by grizzlies and Indians. He might as well have carried a bow.

    • SoSueMe

      Well gee george, you’re kinda comparing apples to oranges aren’t ya? I was talking about DEER hunting. Now you’re bringing up bears and Indians. You have a huge imagination. Since we are talking about gun hunting and hearing loss, a single shot muzzle loader isn’t exactly a quiet weapon. Besides, I don’t care much for muzzle loaders.

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