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Hilarious: Toddler Argues With Mom Over Cupcake, ‘Linda, Listen!’

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Video of a little boy trying to make his case over a cupcake has gone viral.

Mom, Linda Beltran, took the video after her son, Mateo, tried to sneak cupcakes.

She started filming her 3-year-old’s request for sweets and posted it on YouTube.

*Watch it play out above*


  • Jasminesky

    I’m a teacher in a pre-k and this behavior that is toerated or thought of as cute iin the class. I have a student that’s does exactly what this kid does but worse. This is how the student thinks the world works as when he’s with is mom but in school he is sent to time out for arguing. Being oppositional is not ok with adults. Mom is reinforcing his behavior here…

  • Jillian Barnette

    Really? We had to turn this into a debate on parenting? People that have probably never bothered to learn anything about child development/parenting, or don’t even have kids are probably the ones being so nasty. She recorded it for a reason. He even said something about getting his butt smacked, and he probably didn’t even get the cupcake. He’s three. We’re supposed to beat our kids over something as dumb as a cupcake? There are smarter ways to “discipline” a 3 year old. When all of you Negative Nancies can show us your novel on child-rearing, maybe then your opinions will matter.In the meantime, the rest of us with perfectly happy “brats” will sit back and appreciate the humor. Thanks, Linda!

    • LW

      agree word for word w you jillian. That CAROL lady who says he needs a smack…wow…yeah, that’s some good parenting. Sheesh!

  • Matt

    I’m 25 and still don’t call my parent’s by their first names. From what I was taught, it’s a matter of respect. If I said it once, I was met with “It’s mom to you” or “Call me dad, I think I’ve earned it.” Stop putting your kids on the same level as yourself. You are the parent, they are the child. I get that it’s cute, but back in the day, he would have been smacked by the time the second “Linda” came out of his mouth.


    A lot of respectful, gentle, kind-hearted souls who are highly educated, honest, successful and selfless individuals call their parents by their first names. GASP!!! Big deal! If their parents don’t find an issue with it, why do you?

    • livewiresav06

      Jahesn, I called my parents by “mama and Daddy”. I still do. Every once in a while, in a crowd, I’d have to call them by their first names. My step-children call me by my name. I told them, “You can call me by my name, mom, or whatever as long as you are respectful to me. I won’t tolerate inappropriate name calling.” It’s fine. Maybe “Linda” is his step-mom. Who knows. My step-kids are “my babies” too.

  • Willy

    I think he’s adorable and obviously very intelligent for a 3 year old. People need to lighten up, he’s 3 not 23. For those saying that he will be a terrible adult, SHAME ON YOU! At his age kids test boundaries, I don’t think he was disrespectful. He was just testing his mom or whoever she was to him. She was firm and holding her ground with him as well. And the fact that he even mentioned getting pop pops on his butt, he knew he would get it. And for those of you saying his father is too much of an influence on him, really?! Most of the time people say “Oh, poor kid, his father isn’t in his life.” I mean come on!

  • woman against condescending husbands

    Linda, honey, listen, if you donĀ“t want your gorgeous little kid condescending to his wife the same way your husband does to you, in front of your child, put a stop to it NOW. If he’s speaking to you like that now, well you are in for another 18 years of total disrespect.

  • Motherofthree

    If anyone who’s judging really listened the little boy clearly says “this is grandmas house you can grab anything you want” obviously his grandparents have told him that he can eat whatever he wants etc. My children’s grandparents are also Hispanic and tell my kids the same thing. That everything in their house belongs to them, that they can eat what they want. If my kids want ice cream instead of dinner they give it to them. This is clearly not a child being defiant he’s trying to state his case that this is grandmas house and she told him he can have what he wants! People are so quick to judge a mother off of one video!! It’s ridiculous!! I have had my kids yet to argue about things and when I find it humorous I listen to them and give them their few minutes, it doesn’t mean they disrespect me and this happens all the time. Get real people!!!

  • Bill

    I just ot post to my facebook, Ellen Degeneris already invited him to be on her show?Leeenda see’s money in her future, maybe she can use it to send this lttle monster to boot camp!!!!!

  • Ben Castellano jr

    To all of you naysayers, maybe ya’ll need to get a life, laughter is good and healthy for you , but there are to many people out there that take any little thing that is put on social media way to serious , shame on you, I can only imagine what a drag, boring life it must be in your household , I feel sorry for your kids living in a dictatorship , you people are the real idiots , for not allowing a little fun in your house

  • Carl Giordano

    All I want to know is—DID THE KID GET THE CUP CAKE ??? If so, let him skip several Grades and enroll him in LAW SCHOOL at Harvard next semester.

  • Mom

    I read the above comments and while some of you feel this is child asserting his independence… it is honestly disrespect for his mother. If you listen closely to his argument his actually sounds like he is repeating words that he has heard before. LINDA LINDA LINDA, you need to listen to me… COME ON really child? First of all, call me old fashioned BUT no child should be calling their parent by their first name. Secondly, one time NO.. followed by a consequence for asking again is well deserved here. While he may be a lawyer, politician or thug in the making… obviously he is disrespectful to his elders. Linda has no control over this child… AT ALL! My opinion…..take it as you may. And yes I am old enough to be a grandmother….however not so old that I am close minded about the right to parent as you wish. My child was raised to be independent, self sufficient and respectful! I told her NO one time… she learned not to ask again after the first NO. You can love your child.. let them learn by doing, validate their feelings but Mateo needs to learn when to close his mouth and listen OR get the consequence for his actions.

  • Nyla

    Guys you need to stop being so rude to this little kid here is what I say….. STOP IT you guys are so mean and so sad cleat your lives are just the same

  • Pujana

    It was funny to watch, but at the same time, awful to witness this talk from a 3 year old. Definitely, he has been listening adult talking. Mom better watch out, because she may have a future problem on her hand. He is definitely not in the right environment. Mom better take control now, and teach him what he cannot say, whether it is cute or not. Take control MOM, not your son. It’s call “TOUGH LOVE”. By the way, I raise two daughters, they were shocked to see this kid.

  • Pujana

    Children should be allowed to expressed themselves, but definitely not in that manner. Get a grip. Expressing ones self comes with age. He is definitely not of age. He can well express himself, when he is out of his mother’s house. Til them, he should be a well mannered, disciplined 3 year old, whether he is in his Moms house or Grandma’s house.

  • iboxdaily

    This is a very intelligent little guy. He’s calm and articulate and he’s using critical thinking. This is exactly what Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget and Paulo Freire wanted to see in children. The mother is doing the exactly right thing by allowing him to state his case and responding to him in kind – respectfully and firmly. She is explaining that he is wrong and telling him why. She is not trying to dominate him or break his will. She’s allowing him to argue his position but not get his way. Good for you Linda – for showing humanity to your son, for not letting him do things that are not good for him, and for having the sense of humour to share this video of your adorable little boy. As for the tragic responses of teachers and parents who use the term discipline interchangeably with domination – think again. Obedience was the number one advantage that Hitler had over the German people. Critical thinking and mutual respect were not on the agenda.

  • Kaytlin

    The fact that people have nothing better to do but to argue and say the the mother is a bad mother or the little boy is rude and going to be worse when he is older is ridiculous. Open up your eyes a little more and see that this was only meant for a funny video. The mother is not hitting the child nor yelling at the child. Yet people still can take the time out of their day to say the mother is a bad parent. There are more people in this world that you should be focusing on being a bad parent. You don’t know the full background of the story. Who knows what the mother did before or after the video was filmed. But I am almost positive that she filmed it because the reaction of the little boy was funny. So everyone else go leaves rude comments saying she is a bad parent can go to hell.

  • Sara Toga

    To ALL the people that think this is “Cute”. You are the reason children have NO respect for authority or their parents. You are the reason kids become criminals and go out and shoot up schools. If children grow up without rules then they think rules do not apply to them. Parents need to learn how to be Parents again. This has Nothing to do with “Kids Expressing themselves” Thats just a cop out for BAD Parents.

  • Barb Randolph

    It is so very cute, but I would have liked it better if the Mom would have corrected him with “Young man, I am Mom to you!”

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