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Hilarious: Toddler Argues With Mom Over Cupcake, ‘Linda, Listen!’

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Video of a little boy trying to make his case over a cupcake has gone viral.

Mom, Linda Beltran, took the video after her son, Mateo, tried to sneak cupcakes.

She started filming her 3-year-old’s request for sweets and posted it on YouTube.

*Watch it play out above*


    • uhurt2

      This too cute..He’s a future lawyer… I work in jail and have kids..He is on his way to being a lawyer not a thug…He is stating his case to her abd keeping her off his

  • Lisa

    I think it is precious! A moment a Mom obviously recorded because she thought it was special! This little boy will eventually be an attorney or politician… Ease up people we are talking about a 3 year old desperately trying to get out of trouble for getting a cupake. If you pay attention, you will notice that Mom’s house is much more strict than Grandmas.

    • Lydia

      I love the “Linda, Honey, Listen”. He’s imitating his dad, who obviously tries to negotiate with his wife as well. It’s cute. Not to be played out constantly, but each kid has his moment and you can let them occasionally do cute things like this. He’s not drunk, damaged, or thuggish. He’s a kid being a kid. My daughter, at 2, was told she could not have cake that was obviously there on the table. I said, “If you say cake one more time, you’ll go to time out.” She walked over to my sister and whispered, “Caaaaaake.” (major laughing followed) Enjoy your kids. They are only little for a little while.

    • Angela Ferguson

      This truly is a special moment. Thank God it was recorded!! Such a GREAT EXAMPLE OF GOOD PARENTING!!@!@ This Child is learning how to be a leader and a independent thinker. Mom is teaching him that his actions will have repercussions (you will be spanked) But this is a 3yr. old acting like a 3yr. old. Yes Grandparents let things go that parents won’t. As a parent i wish I had videos like this of my children doing and saying some of the things Mateo was doing. They also turned out to be GOOD Adults in life and independent respectful people!!

  • Allypad

    Some of you people need to get a life and a clue!! This is adorable and those of you saying mean and hateful things should be ashamed! This is a CHILD showing some independence and spunk. It explains that the mom taught the children their first names and why if you take a second and jump down your high and mighty perfect parenting horse and read it. It just amazes me how the negative people crawl from under their rocks to spew their nastiness at a cute moment in a child’s life!

  • Wendy

    The FACT that a mother is arguing with her toddler, Shows that she has no control now, which means she will have no control later when things get really hard. This is not cute, it’s tragic. Children need to be taught manners, respect, discipline. Spoiled children grow up to be spoiled adults. And nobody likes them, besides other spoiled adults.

    • tracey

      Wendy you want a child that keep secrets. people have to learn to communicate with your kids he is only 3 there is plenty of time to perfect how he talk those that are educated know that his response is a typical response for a smart 3 year is part of the learning process he should learn how to communicate with people and interact with everyone clearly he doesn’t do it all the time watch the rest of her videos before you judge

  • Britt

    You want your children to argue if they don’t agree with something this shows they have a mind of there own and they are not some robot that will be badly influenced by other children. I allow and welcome my children to argue their point doesn’t mean I’m going to give in but children need to be heard listen to what your kids have to say you don’t have to agree but just listen. A lot of parents ignore there kids and when they are teens the parents can’t understand why the teen won’t listen. This comment goes out to people who believe kids should be seen and not heard. My kids are heard in my house and I have a good open honest relationship with them.

    • rickking123

      Another victim of the pyschobabble that has ruined child rearing since the 1970s. The child should have been told no and not been allowed to mouth back to his mother. Nowadays parents like you think this is cute and post it to the Internet for everyone to see their failed parenting skills.

    • Jess

      I agree with you completely. Yes, it was over a cupcake and he could have been a little “rude” about it but I’m 18 and graduating soon. Every teenager I know who had parents who never let them argue (to an extent) about their side of a story are the ones going out now since they’re 18 and “can do whatever they want” and abusing all sorts of substances. You need to let children have a little bit of leeway. That’s what my parents did. My 3 siblings and I all turned out just fine!

  • amanda

    Not every family places importance on titles, how do you know that him calling her by her name is not normal for that family? Maybe he was adopted or something too, we don’t know. Anyway, he’s cute and very smart.

    • carol

      So true. This smart mouth little brat needs a smack. For all of you idiots that think his performance is so cute, how’d you like to be his kindergarten teacher in 2 years from now?

  • ann

    it was a cute video. He is a little smooth talker. Ppl read into kids videos to much I have a family member that makes videos and puts them on you tube. So many ppl try to tell her how to rise her kids. How to put them in car seats and not to wear a winter coat on them. Just crazy stuff. I think Linda the mom let him talk like that because that was the point of the video he’s cute and really tryin to get a cup cake. I think if he was a brat and walking all over his mom she would of give him a cupcake.

  • kathie

    He is so adorable BUT I think she should have been much firmer about his whole attitude. That attitude has to be stopped — in a teenager it will be disastrous. He must be taught now. I agree with the person who said he is copying some adult….maybe his father?

  • Elfs

    I’m incredibly amused by that little boy. But what’s even more amusing is the fact that 1/2 of the comments were about how disrespectful he was being toward his mother. He’s a 3 year old boy who’s obviously imitating his father (or someone else who uses the phrase “Linda, honey” when they’re in trouble) to get out of trouble with her. She even said on the video that if he behaved that way she would have to give him a spanking, but that isn’t enough for people. I was worried the comments would be filled with people appalled at the notion that she would swat her 3 year-old, instead they’re filled with people overreacting to his willfulness. Sometimes, you have to just enjoy the hilarity of a 3 year old. Not every moment was crafted to be a punishment experience (unless they’re acting 100% they way you want them to, because we all know that toddlers are naturally perfectly well-behaved and lax parenting is the cause of all of their bad behavior); sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride. Children are a great deal of fun, and if you are constantly hounding them then you miss out on the happiness. I’m sure she punished him appropriately after the camera was turned off, but I’m betting she knew that his explanation was going to be hilarious and wanted to capture it. I know that I’m perpetually amused by my children in the midst of having to punish them for bad behavior. She was being stern, and when she’s done being “Mom”, she can go somewhere to giggle herself silly.

    • April

      I agree word for word. She obviously gives him “pop pops” as they call it. Lol I’m pretty sure she let it go for the sake of the funny explanation. She she’s not sound like a parent that gives in at all. I sooooooo would have gave him the cupcake for adorable performance alone. Lol he’s gonna be a smooth ladies man one day. Lol

  • Shannon

    How can people watch this and say such negative and hurtful things about this little boy and his Mother?!
    You should be ashamed of yourselves- clearly you are negative miserable people! Lighten up! This is obviously a very spunky and intelligent little boy and who has a great Mom😊

  • Kym

    Funny…but a perfect example of why kids have no respect for adults nowadays! Yes he’s 3 but old enough and obviously smart enough to understand that you dont address your mother as “Linda” (even if he hears his dad or someone else say it) And theres no doubt in my mind that this behavior will not be corrected as he gets older! Whats cute is the fact that this 3 yr old is able to articulate and plead his case. Whats not cute is the fact that he’s being taught that its okay to argue with your parents when it absolutely is not!! Theres a difference between being opinionated/independent and being disrespectful and its the parents’ job to teach them the difference! No doubt a very smart little boy, but needs to be taught to stay in a child’s place and that doesnt necessarily have to be done in the form of a spanking seemings how he understands words very well. I did laugh and I can see why it went viral but I dont know if I was laughing at how inappropriate the little boy was or how clueless the mother was! There are tons of ways to enjoy your children and we all want to capture the funny we should! As long as we’re teaching right from wrong after we’re done laughing! My hope is that she did just that once the recording stopped!!

  • carol

    He appeared to very experienced at this. I didn’t find this cute at all. These are the type of kids that I see in stores and restaurants all time. Stupid, stupid parents.

  • Wendy

    ..though it was funny and cute..really he is being super disrespectful and talking over the mom ..he also isn’t even calling her calling her by her first name it’s as if they are on the same level of authority …this isn’t how a parent/child conversation should go …also if he is getting this from the dad then that shows the relationship with how the dad treats his wife and how they have convo’s isnt healthy either….I really don’t understand what happened to adults and their parenting skills this is just another sad reminder for me that this next generation is going to have zero to little respect for people.

  • KF

    The kid is only 3 yrs old, but someone better correct his attitude now. I suspect there is too much influence from his father. It was his father’s voice coming out of that kid. Cute video, but the kid needs to learn a little more respect for his mother. Kids nowadays need a little more than a “pop-pop” on their butts. A time out would not have helped this kid. He would have been arguing with the wall.

  • KW

    Hah some of these comments are so serious, like you’re posting a thread for your assignment in your Child Psychology class. Because you all are such perfect parents who also have the time to pass judgement on a YouTube video.

  • Icant

    That’s not his mom people. Sheesh chill much? I hope you over analytical individuals put as much thought into your own life’s.

  • Leanne Gardner

    this very bright cute little boy is mirroring some male adult that he is very close to. He is being disrespectful to his Mom. Instead of videoing this she should have quietly but firmly sent him for a timeout and walked away. Problem being is that Mom thinks this is cute too. And she can be sure this is not the end of this type of behavior unless mulltiple things are done by her and this childs father. Beautiful child, hope he’s not wasted like so many others.

  • Dee

    I just knew that some of you would turn this into a parenting debate. Can’t the rest of the viewers just enjoy a good laugh? My God people lighten up a little and stop injecting negativity into every thing you see!

  • jessica

    Very cute and not disrespectful at all. Adorable and smart little boy. If you have something negative to say change the channel. He could make a lot of money being an actor!!

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