First on FOX: Video Shows RTA Bus Driver Attacked

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CLEVELAND, Ohio--RTA police are asking for help identifying a passenger who became involved in a shouting match that turned violent between himself and a bus driver on Saturday.

Tuesday, video of the confrontation was released first to FOX 8.

Cameras aboard bus 30 were rolling about noon Saturday when a passenger makes his way from the back of the bus to the front, standing near the driver.

The driver, identified as Chaz Seals, stops near East 156th and Lakeshore where a woman with a stroller starts to board and on the video he is heard asking the passenger if he could move away from the door so the woman can board.

"Sir, can you move back and let the lady with the stroller get in please?" Seals is heard asking.

The passenger is unwilling to comply after being asked several times responding, "I'm not even in the doorway," shouting obscenities at the driver who calls for help from RTA police.

As the confrontation escalates, Seals tells the passenger that he is already on video and that he should leave the bus.

The passenger, however, continues to shout obscenities, pointing his finger in Seals' face before Seals instructs the other passengers on the bus to get off.

RTA spokesperson Mary Shaffer said Seals' actions to this point follow the drivers protocol.

"Safety protocol says if there is a problem on the vehicle and you are safely able to evacuate everyone, you should do so. He did do that and then he called transit police and transit police handled the situation once they got there," said Shaffer.

Before police arrived, however, the video shows the passenger continuing to shout and point at Seals.

He appears to eventually make contact with the driver and a shoving match begins with both men pushing each other until Seals eventually forces the passenger off of the bus.

Even with the passenger off of the bus, the shouting continues, the passenger screaming for Seals to step off of the bus saying, "Come on, bring it," and Seals telling him, "You going to jail, baby, you going to jail."

The passenger is seen walking away before police arrive.

No one was seriously hurt in the confrontation.

Seals, however, has filed a police report and RTA police hope someone is able to help them identify the passenger from the video.


  • george johnston

    A stroller shouldn’t be allowed on a bus. If there is an emergency it would complicate evacuation of the bus. They are both at fault as is RTA.

    • Amber Blonski

      You may bring a stroller onto the bus as long as you disengage it upon sitting. Since you may not have ridden on RTA buses in the past (based on your comment), there are actually seats in the front that fold up for the use of strollers in a locked position that in no way impede the exiting of a bus in an emergency. But thank you for you idiotic comment.

  • ziggy

    Driver ‘A’ gets spit on, punches and forcibly ejects passenger. Driver ‘A’ gets fired. Driver ‘B’ gets a finger in the face, punches and forcibly ejects passenger. RTA says driver ‘B’ followed protocol. Confusing???

  • kathie

    Bus driving in Cleveland should be placed at the top of the list of “Hazardous Occupations” Good grief!

  • Kevin B.

    Soon we will have TSA agents at every bus stop performing “Freedom Frisks” and profiling passengers before you can board the bus “to keep us safe”.

  • Vincent Casella

    The passenger entered the drivers comfort zone and failed to listen to a normal request to give the needed room he them prepared himself for the confrontation and even with his children on the bus. He didnt understand that he was the aggressor. The driver IS backed into a corner in the drivers area and is a sitting duck. I back the driver the passenger had plenty of opportunity to just move back or back off..

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