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Battling Heroin: Law Could Lower Deadly Overdoses

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill into law allowing friends or family members of addicts to administer a drug overdose antidote without the fear of prosecution.

The legislation is aimed at reducing the state’s record-high number of fatal overdoses from heroin and painkillers — which is now the leading cause of accidental death in Ohio, surpassing car crashes.

The bill signed Tuesday allows licensed prescribers to provide the drug naloxone to an addict’s friends or family members. People administering the drug would be immune from prosecution as long as they call 911 immediately before or after giving the antidote. It also must be obtained through proper channels.

In addition, the bill would make it easier for police and emergency responders to administer the drug.

**The Fox 8 I-Team compiled a series of reports on the area’s heroin epidemic. CLICK HERE for those reports**

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  • chris

    So now we encourage drug abuse in Ohio. Just use this and then get high again in 45 minutes…Sorry I don’t agree at all with this. If you want to use drugs and overdose I say too bad. You are worthless to the world anyway.

  • Michael

    all it will do is encourage people to use. it will save NO lives, here’s why…when someone ODs, IF they’re found by a family member or friend, they call 911. if there’s time to revive them, medics administer the narcan and they wake up (the same that the family member would do). So if they weren’t dead already, it doesn’t matter if the family has it cuz the medic would be there within minutes anyway. Those that do die, die because no one found them for hours – for those people it also doesn’t matter if a family member has it because the family member obviously wasn’t around and therefore wouldn’t have been able to administer it anyhow. All this will do is give users a ‘security blanket’ and continue using without fear of consequence. the state should be looking at how it can rehab these people and get them off the drug and be contributing members of society – not encourage them to keep using!

  • Daniel

    It’s sad how people use this stuff grow the f up and take responsblity If you use this drug you deserve to die anyway no excuse using this drug makes you worthless so in that case you are a burden on society and being a burden means you should die anyways Bc your not doing anything to make this country better buying or using this drug from foriegn country’s you are supporting terrorism which you out a pos there is no opioum fields in the US so die die die if you use this drug With no sympathy

  • John Slabinski

    All three of you are ignorant, little pricks that know extremely little to nothing at all about what you speak of. With that said, do the rest of the world a favor and quit using your mouthpiece to spew nothing more than hatred, misinformation, and stupidity in general.

    Instead, go read some books on “addiction” and learn about the complex disease that it is. Better yet, start off with a book that takes you through the ABCs of making a valid point, then move on to the hard stuff.

    • Michael

      I fail to see where you had a valid point in anything you said – since you’re familiar with the ABCs of making valid points.

    • SRH

      John, I agree with you 100%. The negative people are the most misinformed. These people obviously know nothing about addiction. Until these people have done the research or know first hand about addiction, they should keep the negative remarks to themselves. Shame on you for being so judgemental.

      • chris

        “Addiction” is a choice not a disease! People don’t choose to get MS or Parkinson’s etc. However, weak minded losers with no self control do choose to abuse drugs and become a leach on society!

      • SRH

        Chris I am sorry for you, so naive. Addiction IS IN FACT A DISEASE. People do not choose to be an addict.

      • Michael

        No, I am informed – I’m around it & see it all the time. and as a professional that deals with this on a daily basis, it’s a bad idea & will lead to increased usage

      • chris

        Sorry SRH, addiction IS a choice. The addict must CHOOSE to stick a needle in their arm, they must CHOOSE to swallow pills or snort powder. These things don’t happen by themselves. Calling addiction a disease is simply an excuse for the poor choices a person made that got them into that predicament.

  • Daniel

    Sorry your wife’s sleeping with the dope dealer and that’s her excuse is she can’t help it she’s addicted it’s called self control dude people should have never started using it in the first place so go pull the needle out of your arm and stop sticking up for worthless people

  • David

    The Governor has just allowed addicts to up the ante and go to the ultimate level, getting so high that they die, only to be saved by a “family or friend” to live another day… to do it again.

    Darwin’s Theory applies. Sooner or later the crackhead will not realize said friend or family is not present to inject, and, well, that circle of live will be extinguished.

  • Michael

    No, John Slabinski, I’m a paramedic and deal with these people all the time and have given narcan to patients that have OD’d more times than I can count, so I’m pretty sure I do know what time talking about. They’re going to call us anyway, so let us give it to them and wake them up and take them to the hospital. Having friends and family in possession will only give these addicts a safety net to continue use & even increase use. Do you really believe that they WILL call 911 once their buddy wakes up?? No, because they don’t want him or her (or themselves) to get in trouble. Little will they know that the effects of narcan will eventually wear off and the heroin will take over again, only putting the user back in harm’s way. You help addicts by getting them off of the drug, not by making it safer for them to use it.

  • chris

    Now the drug abusers have a safety net so they can get more high, more often, making the drug dealers the real winners here. Sales will increase greatly as more dope is used and less dope heads die. Heck, the dealers may even provide a black market version of Narcan as a “service” to their loyal customers.

  • chris

    I know nothing of what I speak of? I have to deal with these people daily at my job. My next door neighbor uses, has no job, has no intention of getting a job, steals from every house and business in the area, including mine. This neighbor has already OD’d once. Found with the needle still in their arm and being the good person I am, I called 911…narcan saved their life and when they woke up, denied using. Didn’t matter we found another fully loaded needle next to them. I will not do it again if this neighbor OD’s..This person is in their 40s, just out of prison (not jail) for at least the 3rd time and thinks they should be able to get 65k/year job. Can’t get through their fried brain cells that they have to start at the bottom and EARN IT. This person would be no great loss to this world. Know nothing of what I speak? I see the drain on resources every day at work and then I come home and have to replace stolen items from my yard and home.

  • Sandra

    I think this is AWESOME and all of you uneducated people with your stupid remarks make me sick. Addition is a disease! As a Master degree holder I know addition is said to be due to 50 percent genetic predisposition and 50 percent to poor coping skills.. Being a family member of an injured United States Navy veteran who is 26 years old and college educated that was injured defending this country, and put on opiates due to the injury and ended up using heroin because it was cheaper than his meds it is sad to read some of these ignorant responses. My brother has overdosed 3x due to heroin and this has saved his life and I am sorry to say but I think this country owes him that giving the fact that he put his life on the line to protect this country. The addict is not the problem it is the dealers. The dealers are the one poising are people with the drug. I believe the people who are selling heroin should be charged with attempted murder because once they give these people one line of heroin they basically took their whole life from them. Even when they do get clean they still battle the urges for the rest of their life. I heard stories from guest speakers who are former heroin addicts in school who have been clean for 5-10 years that say they still battle the urge every time they get stressed out. I believe that when people are picked up with heroin and say they are user the Police should drug test them right there to make sure they are users because a lot of small time dealers try to say they are user to get a lesser charge. I believe that instead of ruining the user life even more the courts should sentence them to a 6 months rehabilitation. I say 6 months because the 30 day rehab doesn’t work for the people addicted to heroin. Heroin addition is not like any of these other drugs it is a physical addition. I know from watching my loved one try to battle this addition that it is a struggle for them and they try very hard to get off and stay clean. I believe Ohio should open a walk in rehab for these people because rehabs have waiting period and that’s not right. My heart goes out to all the family members and people struggling with this addition. Lets get the dealers off the street so we can save America. Heroin is effecting a lot of people of all income levels, age, and race.

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