Chilling: ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin’s Last Words

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Photo Credit: MGM via MGN Online

The man who witnessed the tragic death of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ is revealing Steve Irwin’s final moments.

Justin Lyons, who worked with Irwin for 15 years as a cameraman, was with Irwin in September 2006 when a stingray stabbed Steve.

Lyons, speaking out on an Australian talk show, did CPR on Steve for an hour and told the 44-year-old to keep thinking about his children.

Lyons said Irwin’s final words were, “I’m dying.”

See Lyons’ entire interview above.


  • juls

    Just a thought…but even if a barb is there, you CAN put pressure on it. your hand has fingers that can move around objects, and still be able to apply pressure to a wound.

  • Jill

    What is the motivation for this man to come out with this now? He says he told Steve to keep thinking of his kids – something Lyons obviously hasn’t done himself. Shame on him.

  • Jill

    Honestly what difference does make now what actually happened? I’m an Australian and am really quite disgusted that this person has decided to promote his doco without thought of the pain it will cause two incredibly brave kids who lost their dad. Let it go already!

  • Patty

    I think it’s ridiculous that the story has changed. Only the photographer knows for sure and maybe that’s why he wants the footage to “never be seen!” I agree that he should not have brought this all up again. I also always felt Steve would die doing what he did; he took risks.
    I hardly watched him; I felt he was a little obnoxious.

  • Jaime Stegman

    i hate to say it, but someone keeps saying that another man left the barb in, made it to the hospital and survived…. well, that was just one case…. how many didnt survive after making it to the hospital??? every case is different… people make mistakes… when in danger, people panic… it was a tragic accident…. but honestly, people are arguing with a man who thinks he knows it all and his opinions is the only one who matters… so it aint worth arguing with someone like that, ignore him… people like him dont belive people are entitled to their own opinions, so they tell u theirs over and over again….people like him are the people who cannot handle criticism… he thinks he the only one who deserves to state an opiniom

    • tedbratro

      Guess you don’t know what a barb is, or how it works. It goes in with little damage, and causes massive damage when pulled out. Your grammar and spelling are funny. Were you trying not to be taken seriously?

  • Jaime Stegman

    comments that u make are not even worth commenting on…. u make comments that are childish and immature… ur suppose to be grown…not acting like a child putting down peoples opinions… ur right i wasnt there but neither were u to say he wuld have survived had he left the barb in… i know how a barb works,..

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