Lights On: Power Restored in Lake County

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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio--  For the second weekend in a row, residents throughout Lake County were dealing without power.

According to FirstEnergy, the power went out at roughly 6:00 a.m. Crews from Painesville Power & CEI were called to an area on Sanford Street in Painesville to repair a blown insulator. About 47,000 customers across Lake County were affected.

At 8:30 p.m., FirstEnergy said everyone should have their power back on.

If you don't have your power back on in the Painesville area, call 440-392-5954.

Concord Twp., Mentor and Mentor-on-the-Lake were also affected.

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  • Dave

    still waiting here in perry twp. can’t believe this is happening 2 saturdays in a row. and that is is out all day again.

  • Sam

    Hickory Hill, Ridgecrest, Orton, Paradise…in Painesville Twp. back on…as well as Walnut St. in Painesville City…all back on as of 7:45pm.

  • farmer

    Oh thank goodness the electric is back on! Now all the boofers can see each other and not have to follow each others big glowing eyeballs, just sayin….. :)

  • Jim

    You present compelling info but it is obvious, by what you write, where you work.

    You wrote “Don’t know the specifics of the crews and where they were at and what they were doing. I guarantee there were more than 3 trucks in the area”.

    Well, you admit that you don’t know the specifics. You contradict yourself with the second line. You can not guarantee anything when you weren’t there. I was and I can tell you that at the time I gave above, the were 3 line trucks and 2 pick ups under the high lines between N State St and Elm St. There were NO other service trucks anywhere in the area.
    Your “guarantee” doesn’t mean much.

    Besides the fact that they were no where close to a road, for access, you and I both know they don’t want anyone without safety equipment anywhere near a work site.

    I am very aware how long it takes to get a boiler to work. I have a boiler for my heat and, for the second week in a row, I have had to do exactly that. It is getting really old really fast.

    My question is really more of, why do we have a boiler and power plant that is not capable of providing power when needed. Why is the boiler only used for a couple of weeks in the summer? In the end, why is the boiler down at all? They will tell you that it is down for maintenance. I would ask why that maintenance isn’t performed in the spring or fall when the power demand is the least. Winter and summer would seem to be really stupid times to have a boiler down unless there is no real intention of using it.

    You wrote “I understand what kind of work needs to take place and that’s leads to some patience for the situation”.
    I had patience for last weekend and a bill of about $500 to repair burst heating pipes. My patience is very thin when EXACTLY the same thing occurs 6 days later and we can’t even come close to getting an estimate as to when the power will be back. BTW, broken insulators was what we were told last week. Guess the cause this week?

    Finally you say that I should invest in some sort of generator. Funny that I have been in this house for about 55 years. It wasn’t until we started buying power off the grid, and not producing our own, that we started having power outages. Additionally we now have a new sub-station on N Ridge Rd. Not working yet, of course, but we have been told that it ties into exactly the same high tension lines that caused the problem last week. Not much of a back-up when the same overhead lines are used either way.

    You keep your patience, I just want reliable power.

  • Russ

    Nobody answered this question->Why is painesvile power affected if it is a first energy problem?

    It appears Painesville City has a non profit power plant, if you can actually believe this as we’ve been fed that fairytale. Then if you call their emergency hotline number which tells you not to call us, will interfere with restoring electric service. I hope this doesn’t mean the ones who aren’t answering the phones are the ones who are trying to restore our power. I’ve heard about Painesville City CodeRED Emergency Alert System but wondered if the info provided by them would be accurate and actually helpful.

    I can’t understand the following:
    Of more concern to Painesville residents should be a power plant that we own that does NOTHING in an emergency situation. Each time it is a little different, of course, BUT the simple fact is that the plant was never given the directive to be fired up. Even if it had, it would take (we are told) 24 hours to be working. Why are we paying for a plant that can not be used when needed?

    Why does Painesville City have a power plant if not to produce electricity 24/7? I’d like to think the residents of Painesville City are getting our electricity from this plant but now I’m beginning to wonder.
    I’ve also heard some talk about the power lines are owned by FirstEnergy which makes no sense at all since the Painesville City power plant supposedly generates it’s own electricity or does it?

    Maybe it works like the gas company, choose your supplier from XYZ gas company and the gas fairy turns the valve on at your dwelling so you get the gas from the XYZ company instead of the company who sends you a bill every month.

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