Icy Ending: St. Ignatius Ties for State Hockey Title

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COLUMBUS, Ohio– Unbelievable results on the ice as St. Ignatius was going after the state hockey title in Columbus.

The Wildcats trailed Sylvania Northview, 1-0, for most of the game, but evened it up in the third period to send the game into overtime.

Then, after 7 OTs and 4 1/2 hours, the teams were declared co-state champs.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association released the following statement, Saturday night:

By mutual agreement of the head coaches, school administrators and OHSAA administrators, today’s ice hockey state championship game at Nationwide Arena was ended after seven overtime periods. The game shall be recorded as a 1-1 tie and Sylvania Northview and Cleveland St. Ignatius shall be declared co-state champions.

After the seventh overtime, the head coaches, school athletic administrators and OHSAA administrators had a lengthy discussion. Many players on both teams were seriously fatigued and neither coach or school administrator objected to ending the game before the eighth overtime began.

By national rule, there is no shootout procedure in high school hockey.

While the decision is being questioned by fans, the OHSAA commends the coaches and school athletic administrators in reaching this decision together without conflict.

This is an opportunity to show that wins and losses, even in a state championship game, are not more important than player safety. Had a player been seriously injured in the eighth overtime due to fatigue, the decision to allow the game to continue would have been seriously questioned more than the decision to end it.”

The decision had lots of people reacting on social media.



  • Neal

    What a joke! A state championship declared a tie. Typical for a parochial school. Go invaders of Normandy!!

  • Eric

    what are you talking about? SI was warming up for the next period and SN hadn’t even come out of the lockerroom. While SI used 4 different lines throughout the game, SN had over 10 players who didn’t even play. Nice try though Neal.

  • Jack

    What exactly would a “win” have meant after the teams played to a tie in 7 overtimes? What’s going through a parent’s head when they’re screaming for one more overtime hoping the puck goes their way? I’ll tell you what: weakness.

    All those kids earned their trip to the finals and congrats to both teams for one of the greatest youth hockey games ever.

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