VIDEO: Naked Brawl Breaks Out in Jail

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DAYTON, Ohio-- A murder suspect is accused of sucker punching a police officer at the Montgomery County Jail.

You can see it all on tape in the video above.

WDTN said the suspect-- 29-year-old Ryan Mitchell-- was in a restraint chair for his own protection the day he was booked into jail.

The TV station also reported that he was naked at the time because any inmate who makes a threat against himself is undressed before being put in the chair.

When officers moved him out of the chair, he punched an officer in the jaw.

The officer hit him back and five others piled on to bring Mitchell under control.

He's now charged with felonious assault, as well as murder.

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  • noah

    i love how many guys it takes to take down one guy. Its so ridiculous. It really makes cops look like a bunch of pussies. Seems like they dont get enough action so when theres a chance for some action they all jump on the opportunity.

    • Doug C

      Multiple Officers are used to overwhelm suspects by outnumbering them rather than 1 Officer squaring off with the suspect at 1 time. It helps to reduce injury to Officers and suspects. Strength in numbers.

  • george johnston

    Notice the female officer doesn’t engage but acts like she is rushing to the aid of her fellow officers then does something irrelevant like pushing a chair.

  • Jim

    I love how internet tough guys bash the cops for having numbers to quickly end the fight. Please, tell us all about how you would have beat this guy up 1 on 1.

  • kathie

    Exactly, Jim. Those criminals are usually high on something and are simply WILD with anger, etc. One officer is no match for that state of mind and strength.

  • Janet L Thrasher Myers

    The only thing about five or six cops on one guy, is the one out west that had it done to him and the cops crushed his chest and killed him. He wasn’t even part of the reason for the call but yet he was killed in front of his wife and daughter. And in the film clip the cops was scared when they realized they killed the man. They never tried CPR or anything. This was discussed on Dr. Drew last week so I am not making it up.

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